Meghan Markle’s Favorite Chicken Recipe Is a Filipino-style Dish You Can Make at Home

It is easy to assume that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have personal chefs to create amazing recipes for them both and that neither of them ever have to lift a finger in the kitchen. While it is true that they most likely have dined in some of the finest restaurants around the world, it is still no secret that Meghan herself is an amazing cook.

She loves being in the kitchen, and as we know, Prince Harry even asked her to marry him while they were at home preparing dinner. Over the years, we have seen Meghan share pictures of her favorite foods, and one of her first projects after the royal wedding was a release of a charity cookbook.

We can only imagine that Meghan absolutely loves cooking for herself and her husband, and just thinking about the amazing things that she makes is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Meghan is an absolute whiz in the kitchen, and now we have learned that her favorite chicken recipe is a Filipino-style chicken dish that anyone can make at home.

A little background on Meghan

Meghan Markle during a visit to Tupou College in Tonga on the second day of the royal couple's visit to Tonga
Meghan Markle | Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Images via Getty Images

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Over the past few years, Meghan’s life has been a bit of a whirlwind. She met and fell in love with Prince Harry, and the two of them married in an elaborate ceremony in Windsor, England.

Before the marriage, Meghan was well-known, but not nearly as famous as she is now. She made a name for herself as a talented actress who starred in the legal drama Suits, and she has always been a humanitarian and a feminist who stood for women’s rights. After joining the royal family, we loved seeing Meghan at events and engagements, however, it was early in the year that she and Harry announced that they would be stepping down as senior working royals.

Now, after spending time in Canada, the couple, along with their baby son, Archie Harrison, are living in an exclusive mansion in LA, California, the town where Meghan was born and raised.

Meghan has always been a foodie

Meghan is very open about the fact that she loves good food and isn’t afraid to try new things. In fact, she recently baked a strawberry and cream cake for Archie’s first birthday, and we can only dream about how delicious it must have been.

When she and Prince Harry were dating, Meghan was even seen at supermarkets in London, no doubt picking up ingredients to whip up an incredible dish.

So, what are her favorite foods? According to Town & Country, she loves red wine, and Tignanello is her favorite. Meghan also enjoys pasta dishes, and never deprives herself, although she watches her portions and makes certain to keep things on the healthy side.

The duchess is also a huge fan of sushi, acai bowls, not to mention good old French fries. She has also been known to eat plenty of eggs, fruit, and lean proteins.

Meghan’s favorite chicken recipe is a Filipino-style dish that you can make at home

So, with all of these scrumptious foods that Meghan enjoys, what is her favorite? It is actually a Filipino-style dish that is easy for anyone to make.

Insider reports that the duchess loves to make chicken adobo, and it sounds incredible. What does she do? Well, to start, pulls out the slow cooker and combines vinegar, lemon, garlic, and soy. She then cuts the chicken into pieces and allows it to cook in that mixture until it is tender and flavorful. Meghan also adds in some onions, black pepper, and a bay leaf to make the recipe even more delicious.

It sounds like a great dish for anyone, and we love the simplicity of it.