Meghan Markle’s First TV Appearance Since Leaving the Royal Family Is Not What It Seems

Meghan Markle was set for her first TV appearance following Megxit. Good Morning America previously teased that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was going to appear on set to promote her new Disney documentary, Elephant, which premiered this month. Royal watchers were very excited to see Meghan in the spotlight once again, but those plans seemingly fell through when the morning show aired some of the film’s footage and a prerecorded tape of Meghan from last summer instead.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Inside Meghan Markle’s Disney deal

Meghan signed a deal with Disney last year to narrate a nature documentary titled Elephants. The Duchess of Sussex completed work on the film last fall and donated her entire salary to a charity named Elephants Without Borders.

Disney finished the project after Meghan and Prince Harry announced their exit from the royal family. When Meghan first inked the deal, however, she and Harry were still active members of the royal family.

At the time, there was a lot of talk about the couple’s interaction with Disney CEO Bob Iger at the premiere of The Lion King. According to Hello Magazine, video footage from the event seemingly shows Harry telling Iger about Meghan Markle’s interest in voiceover work.

“You know she does voiceovers?” Harry told Iger, who replied, “Oh really? I did not know that.”

Turns out, Meghan had already signed a deal with Disney prior to the premiere, which took place in London in July. Regardless, the move has sparked plenty of talk about Meghan returning to acting now that she and Harry are no longer living on the royal family’s dime.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex start the next chapter

Meghan and Harry’s departure from the royal family became official on March 31. The two flew to Los Angeles a few weeks ago and are hunkering down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sources believe they will buy a home in the area and set up their main base of operations in LA.

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been largely silent about their upcoming plans, they have made several moves in the past few weeks. This includes setting up a new charitable organization that will likely play a big role in what they do next.

The Sussexes recently announced the name of their new charitable foundation, Archewell, which replaces their old organization, Sussex Royal. The name is a play on their son, Archie Harrison’s, name and a Greek word that means a source of action.

It is unclear what Harry and Meghan plan on doing with their new charity, but Meghan’s interview on GMA was set to be her first big public appearance since leaving the royal family. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way they were supposed to.

Meghan Markle does not appear on ‘GMA’

Despite earlier reports and teasers from GMA, Meghan did not appear on the morning show to promote Elephant. According to Express, the show aired a “pre-recorded asset from the film” rather than interview Meghan.

When the series advertised the segment, they claimed that Meghan was going to talk about the film and reveal a first-hand look at the project. We do not know why Meghan did not appear on GMA as it was previously billed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted in LA last week for the first time. The pair delivered food packages to homes in need in West Hollywood and wore proper PPE throughout the outing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently focusing their efforts on helping out during the coronavirus pandemic. In their final post on Instagram, the couple told their followers that they are looking to contribute to relief efforts and will be doing whatever they can to find solutions for the current crisis.

“As we all find the part we are to play in this global shift and changing of habits, we are focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute,” they shared. “While you may not see us here, the work continues.”

Meghan Markle has not commented on the reports surrounding her supposed GMA appearance. She also has not said anything about her future acting plans, though her deal with Disney certainly seems like a step in that direction.