Meghan Markle’s Preference for Blue Outfits Might Be a Psych Hack

Although Meghan, Duchess of Sussex always had an eye for fashion, in the past few years, she has become a style icon in her own right. From her simple and stunning boat neck wedding gown to her more casual ensembles of jeans and fashionable jackets, the Duchess of Sussex always manages to hit the mark perfectly when it comes to deciding what to wear.

When the members of the royal family step out for public appearances, all eyes are usually on the type of outfits that they are wearing, and the style is what typically catches someone’s eye before anything else. However, most royal fans are beginning to notice that Meghan seems to have a color that she wears more so than any other shade, and we are starting to think that there may be a specific reason behind it.

Here is why Meghan’s preference for blue outfits just might be the ultimate psych hack.

Meghan has had a whirlwind royal experience

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | J. Conrad Williams, Jr./Newsday via Getty Images

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A former American actress who got her big break on the legal drama Suits, Meghan had the good fortune of being introduced to Prince Harry on a blind date in the summer of 2016. And almost instantly, her popularity soared.

Although she was pretty well-known already due to her successful career, the tabloids went crazy when Meghan and Prince Harry announced that they were in a relationship. It was in November 2017, according to Town & Country, that Meghan stepped out with a blinding three-carat engagement ring.

Soon after, in May 2018, she and Prince Harry officially became husband and wife. It was about a year later that their first child, Archie Harrison arrived. And not too long after that, the couple shocked the world when they announced that they would be stepping down from royal duties in a move that was instantly dubbed Megxit.

Meghan has a penchant for blue outfits

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We all have a favorite color, but Meghan really takes this to a new level. She is often seen in the color blue, and over the years, fans have often speculated as to why. Some may have assumed that she simply liked the color, and Cosmopolitan even reports that the duchess has worn different blue outfits on the same day.

Also, fans know that she even wore a blue dress on her first date with Prince Harry. During Meghan’s pregnancy, other curious royal fans even speculated that the Duchess of Sussex was donning the color so often in order to hint at the gender of her and Prince Harry’s upcoming baby.

While Meghan did end up having a baby boy, she continued including shades of blue in her outfit choices on a regular basis, so apparently, Archie wasn’t the reason for this. Ever since, fans have seen Meghan in blue dresses as well as casual blue clothes pretty often, and we now finally may have an explanation for the duchess’s color choice. 

“Coincidentally, the type of blue that Duchess Meghan has been sporting frequently is called ‘Egyptian Blue,'” color expert Gabriella Winters told HELLO!. “And this shade receives its name from the first-ever artificial pigment invented 5000 years ago.”

Meghan Markle’s preference for blue outfits might be a psych hack

What, exactly do reports say about Meghan’s preference for the color blue? According to HELLO!, it may actually be a psych hack.

After we saw Meghan wear blue on tour in Africa, and even when she was back in England, it was reported that the calming color has a “non-threatening” nature. Winters told HELLO!: “Psychologically speaking, blue is the most popular color in the entire world because of its non-threatening placid nature. It is the color of peace and quiet and it signifies freedom. In the world of business, blue is the mark of formality and it symbolizes one’s loyalty and devotion to their work.”

Considering how Meghan is a truly independent woman who has an extremely strong work ethic, this completely makes sense.