Inside Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Diet: What She Can and Can’t Eat

With a royal baby on the way, Meghan Markle has a strict set of royal pregnancy rules to follow — some of which involve her pregnancy diet. Because the Duchess of Sussex is carrying a future heir to the throne, her health is a top concern for the palace and her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II. But, with some of Meghan Markle’s favorite foods already off-limits, is she allowed to eat while pregnant? We take a look at Meghan Markle’s pregnancy diet, ahead.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy diet consists of her favorite foods. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy diet

During her pregnancy, Meghan Markle will likely be on a strict pregnancy diet. And while much of it will have a health focus, she will probably be allowed to indulge in some of her favorite foods — so long as they are pregnancy-approved. Here are Meghan Markle’s favorite foods she will likely crave during pregnancy.


Meghan Markle reportedly rarely turns down a tasty pasta dish — especially while traveling. Lucky for her, the indulgent dish is not off-limits, so she can give into her cravings while pregnant.

French fries

Like us, the duchess has food guilty pleasures. One of her favorites? French fries. “I could eat french fries all day,” she once told Cosmopolitan UK. Should Meghan Markle crave fries during her pregnancy, she likely won’t pass up an opportunity to indulge.

Roasted chicken

The Duchess of Sussex knows a thing or two about roasted chicken. After all, it’s what she made Prince Harry on the night of their engagement. As the weather in London starts to cool down, there’s no doubt Meghan Markle will make her famous roasted chicken during her pregnancy.


Another food Meghan Markle loves? Eggs! The duchess likes to make herself an omelet with cheese, fresh herbs, and toast for breakfast. Undercooked eggs are off-limits in most pregnancy diets, but since omelets are cooked all the way through, she should be in the clear.

Acai bowls

Her royal highness is allegedly a big fan of acai bowls. And, lucky for her, she can still make some variations of her go-to acai recipe.


When it comes to fruit, Meghan is a big fan of watermelon. “I have always loved watermelon and relish any opportunity to eat it, whether plain or diced up with feta and mint and tossed with a little olive oil,” she once told Today. “It makes me think of summertime. On set and at home, I try to always have a container of watermelon sprinkled with cinnamon because it elevates the flavor just a notch, and makes it feel special.” Although she won’t be allowed to add feta to the mix during her pregnancy, Meghan Markle will likely still indulge in her favorite treat.

Mac and cheese

Another food likely included in Meghan Markle’s pregnancy diet? Mac and cheese! The duchess is reportedly a big fan of the nostalgic dish. “I now buy the Annie’s organic one if I’m craving it, but I throw some frozen peas into it and have this gooey simple childlike meal,” she told EyeSwoon. “I used to cook it for the kids I would babysit, and I always enjoyed feeling like a kid and eating with them.”


One of Meghan Markle’s healthiest habits will likely carry on through her pregnancy. In an interview with Today, she once revealed that she likes to cook a box of quinoa and add veggies to it at the beginning of the week. She then eats it as an easy snack or over a fresh kale salad.

Meghan Markle

Some of Meghan Markle’s favorite foods are not permitted during pregnancy. | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Foods she can’t eat

Meghan Markle is a self-proclaimed foodie. That said, many of her favorite foods are considered “off-limits” for expecting mothers. Unfortunately for her, that means the palace — and her doctors — probably won’t allow her to indulge in some of her cravings. Here are the foods not allowed in Meghan Markle’s pregnancy diet.

Green juice

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly swears by green juice — she even drinks it in replace of coffee from time-to-time. However, unpasteurized juice is considered a no-no when it comes to pregnancy diets, as expectant mothers have a higher risk of foodborne illness.

Soft cheese

Soft cheese is another one of Meghan Markle’s favorite foods. However, during pregnancy, she likely won’t indulge in the dairy product. Experts advise against consuming certain cheeses — such as brie and feta — while pregnant.


The California native also loves sushi. That said, it is widely accepted as an “off-limits” food for pregnant women. Should Meghan crave a roll during her pregnancy, she will have to order something that comes cooked.

Rare steak

Another food Meghan Markle will have to avoid while pregnant? Rare steak. The duchess is a fan of cooking steak with a squeeze of lemon on it. However, she can no longer eat raw or undercooked meat as it could put her at risk of toxoplasmosis.

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