Meghan Markle’s Sister Dishes on Family & a Royal Wedding Gift

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a polarizing figure. While some appreciate her breaks from tradition, others wish she was a more conventional duchess. Here’s what Meghan’s sister, Samantha Markle, had to say about the Duchess of Sussex. 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the unveiling of the Labalaba statue | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Samantha Markle is not pleased with her sister

According to Daily Express, Samantha thinks the Duchess of Sussex has received criticism because of the way she’s behaved. On Jan. 28, 2020, she said “Clearly there were some things that happened because the public’s not stupid. They were witnessing some things that they didn’t think were so cool and she didn’t step up to the plate and fix them. That includes family, that includes public spending, there was a lot that happened that was attributable to behaviour.”

Many commentators think racism has fueled the backlash to Meghan. Her sister does not think this is the case. “’It wasn’t about racism, it was about ‘hey you guys aren’t being cool step up to the plate and fix it.’”

Samantha Markle on Meghan Markle, her father, and Megxit

Does Samantha think she can have a good relationship with her sister after this? “I didn’t feel that’s possible given that there was so much malice, there was so much attacking when it could have been nipped in the bud and we could be playing footsies under the table.” Samantha does want Meghan to reconcile with their father, Thomas, due to how he provided for Meghan.

Samantha added “He was almost a single dad to her her whole life, gave her everything. Half a million in tuition, not including clothes, books, party money, everything. It’s really not right of him to die without any closure. I don’t think any father out there would be thinking this is cool.”

Meghan Markle at Cardiff Castle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Samantha was asked whether she predicted Megxit. She replied “No but they made choices that created all of this.” She compared the upheaval caused by Megxit to the divisions within the Markle family. “I felt she did it to our family, she’ll do it to yours. It’s not ‘I told you so’ it’s ‘hey let’s do the math.’ It’s turned out that way.”

The wedding gift Meghan Markle never received

Meghan Markle at Westminster Abbey | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

KIIS 106.5 reports Samantha did go to the trouble of buying the Sussexes a wedding gift, though she would not reveal exactly what it was. “It is a very special, old collectable from the 1950s. She would know how sentimental it is. It’s something that I collected that she ended up getting and I found one that was special just for Meghan and Harry.”

She also said “The gift is something very special. I searched high and low around the world, it was kind of a one-of-a-kind sentimental thing…[I]t’s sad because I never got to give it to them.”

Samantha has lots of criticisms for her sister. She definitely wants her sister and her father to reconcile. We will have to wait to see if that’ll happen.