What Will It Take for Meghan McCain To Gain More Respect on ‘The View?’

The hosts of The View are on the show for a reason: Their differing opinions elicit interesting discussions that boost ratings. But it’s clear that some hosts are more respected than others, and Meghan McCain usually lands at the bottom of that last. What will it take for McCain to be more respected by the show’s viewers and hosts?

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images

McCain joined ‘The View’ in October 2017

McCain has only been on the show for about a year and a half, but she’s definitely left an impression at the table and among the fans. Previously, McCain was a Fox News contributor, and when it came time for ABC to look for a new host, it made sense that Senator John McCain’s daughter was an immediate candidate. Donald Trump had publicly spoken out against Senator McCain, and there was some evident tension between the two families. ABC knew that Meghan McCain as a co-host would likely only improve ratings for the already-popular show. Since joining, McCain has also publicly expressed her dislike toward the president.

McCain’s opinions don’t always resonate with fans

McCain doesn’t like Trump, but that may be the only opinion of hers that most fans see eye to eye with. She has more traditional values and ideals, and she leans conservatively on the political spectrum. Most of her opinions challenge opinions of the other hosts, such as her views on immigration and her fiscally-conservative mindset. However, the point of The View is to generate discussion, so if all the hosts saw eye to eye on everything, the show would be no different than something on MSNBC or Fox News.


People suggest she only rides on her father’s notoriety

Along with fans questioning McCain’s opinions, they also question her credibility. Some of her biggest critics suggest she rides on the coattails of her father’s notability and doesn’t actually have any political credibility of her own. Her late father was a long-time senator of Arizona and had run for president against Barack Obama back in 2008. Senator McCain was very widely respected among politicians for his sacrifices overseas; he was a prisoner of war for more than five years in Vietnam. When Senator McCain passed away in 2018, people from all sides sent condolences. But some who dislike Meghan McCain suggest nepotism is the only reason she has a career.

The show has a majority-liberal panel, which results in a majority-liberal fan base

Most of the people who watch The View lean liberally, since the majority of the show’s cohosts lean that way. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sonny Hostin all fall to the democratic side, while Abby Huntsman and McCain are republicans. Behar has been on the show for decades, so she’s earned the respect of fans. Goldberg has served as the show’s moderator since she joined in 2007, so it’s hard for anyone to dislike her. And both Hostin and Huntsman are vocal yet quieter than Behar and McCain, so they don’t bother many people, either.

McCain’s temper and age may be the reason she doesn’t have as much respect

McCain tends to get very passionate about issues that are important to her. And anyone who discusses politics knows that things can quickly get heated when a debate occurs with someone who doesn’t agree. McCain’s attitude gets the best of her on the show sometimes, which may affect how audiences view her. Plus, she’s much younger than the other hosts, so both the hosts and viewers might not take her seriously. Ultimately, McCain will probably need to spend a few more years on the show to gain some more notoriety. And if she takes discussions in stride and doesn’t let her frustration take over, she should begin to resonate better with fans.

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