‘The View’: Meghan McCain Says ‘I Hate the Show’ for 1 Reason

Meghan McCain is not one to shy away from controversial topics on The View. The resident conservative is passionate about politics and defending her point of view which can land her in hot water. Not backing down from her opinions, she recently revealed the one reason she has to hate the talk show.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Are Joy Behar and Meghan McCain friends?

The “Hot Topics” table can get heated at times depending on what the ladies are discussing. A recurring feud on the show is when McCain and Joy Behar spar during a debate. Their frequent arguments have made audiences believe they are not friends.

In celebration of the 5,000th episode of The View, both ladies say down for Entertainment Tonight and interviewed each other. One of the topics was their recurring rows and animosity behind-the-scenes.

“It really hurts my feelings!” McCain said of reports there is bad blood between her and Behar. “It genuinely hurts my feelings because our dressing rooms are next door to each other and you and I have the same emotional reaction to things — sometimes in different ways — but we’re both upset equally, the equal amount of the same things. And I wish people would give us a break, for real.”

Behar noted that when they give their opinions they “really mean it” and “it’s not an act.” She also added that having each other has helped them soften their position on certain topics.

“We’re both becoming a little bit more, um, not moderate, but we’ve sort of become… Like, we’re not so adamant about our positions,” Behar said.

Meghan McCain doesn’t hate Joy Behar

Both McCain and Behar made it clear to everyone that they don’t hate each other and have learned from one another. The Republican analyst even said that when Behar is not there she has a hard time.

“I don’t know what my takeaway is but when you’re not here, I hate the show,” McCain revealed. “I really have a hard time. As everyone knows, I have a really hard time when I can’t fight with you, I really enjoy it. I really enjoy being friends with you. You’re really funny, you always make me laugh on the show. I’m really, sincerely very grateful that you’re on the show with me and you have all the answers. I do, I love Joy … because neither of us put up with sh**, none of us care about being loved and both of us don’t want our husbands on the show every day. We don’t drag our husbands out like props, neither of us do that.”

For the 5,000th show, the ladies had Donald Trump Jr. as a guest and things got out of control. All the co-hosts took Donald Trump’s son to task and McCain was moved by how everyone handled themselves.

“Can I say one thing really quick?” she said interrupting Behar. “I love hosting this show with you guys every day. I just do. It’s a wild day on the 5000th show. I’m really happy with you guys.”

McCain always puts a strong front as she takes her job seriously. Although she doesn’t break from “character” too often, that moment showed her softer side and fans like to see there’s respect amongst the co-hosts.

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