Meghan McCain from ‘The View’ Leaves Instagram Comments Off After ‘Abuse and Threats’

Meghan McCain from The View is at the center of controversy once again and things have gotten out of hand. The conservative co-host announced she was leaving off the option to leave comments on her Instagram account following “abuse and threats.” Her decision to disable the feature comes after her opinion over the Donald Trump impeachment hearings.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Tensions were high at the “Hot Topics” table on Friday as the ladies discussed the latest on the public impeachment hearings. McCain echoed Republican congressman Will Hurd comments about not hearing any evidence of bribery from the President of the United States.

Sunny Hostin weighed in on the issue and said that Hurd is “complicit” as is the Republican Party who “has enabled this president.”

“It’s about the fact that he heard evidence clear and simple and for him to sit there and say that he — the evidence has to be overwhelming and that he heard no overwhelming evidence, I want to know which hearings he was sitting at,” Hostin added to resounding applause from the audience.

McCain got offended that Hostin got that reaction from the public and called them out on it.

“It’s easy to get a cheap applause line here,” McCain said. “It just is, and that’s fine. Take your cheap applause line.”

As Hostin tried to defend the audience, McCain yelled over her, “Let me speak!” with the former firing back saying, “You have been speaking a lot.”

Fans slam Meghan McCain

After the debate on The View, fans took to Twitter to express their discontent over McCain’s opinion and rudeness to other co-hosts.

“Get Meghan her own show, she thought she was running things today,” a fan tweeted. “She talks over everyone then demands they let her finish. She was throwing to a commercial like that’s her job too.”

“How’s Meghan McCain getting paid here?” a viewer asked. “[She] either yells like a child to get attention and force everyone to agree with her or barely contributes to the ‘uncomfortable’ topics for her. The View pays you to contribute to every topic, not to have so much attitude and select your own topics.”

“Meghan McCain is rude and disrespectful. Get her off the show. I’m tired of her being rude to Joy, Ana, and Sunny,” another Twitter user commented.

“I’m a loyal watcher of The View, but today is one of my last straws,” another fan added. “Meghan McCain has just worn me out with her rudeness and interrupting of her co-hosts. She makes my head hurt.”

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Meghan McCain reacts to negativity

After all the comments from viewers, McCain addressed the negativity against her on Twitter. She did this after a user pointed out that the conservative was receiving “disgusting attacks” from people that opposed her view.

“I’m a big girl,” she tweeted. “In most circles, I’m almost always the only conservative voice. I’m more than used to what happens as a result of that.”

Following her claim that she could take the heat on Twitter, it was completely different on Instagram. On that Facebook-owned social network, McCain turned off the ability to leave comments on her posts.

“Turning off commenting on Instagram for the time being,” she wrote. “I have family and young people in my life who can read it. You can disagree with my politics all you want but the abuse and threats is too far.”

McCain turned off comments on the previous post, a post of her and Dolly Parton, as well as a post of a Christmas tree decorated with cactus ornaments. All the publications before the latter three still have comments activated.

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