Melania Trump Isn’t Who You Think She Is

In the three years that the Trumps have been in the White House, much of the conversation around first lady Melania Trump has been about her style, her Christmas decorations, and her Be Best initiative.

The first lady has managed to build a wall of privacy around herself while living in the most famous house in America. So what exactly does Melania Trump do all day?

Melania Trump ‘does whatever she wants’

The press and public have often been left to speculate about the first lady and her happiness — or lack thereof — when it comes to her husband’s position. Yet, according to CNN correspondent Kate Bennett, Melania Trump is living her best life.

“I think she’s probably the most free person in the Trump world,” the Free, Melania author told The Cut. “In terms of whether you like it or not, she does whatever she wants, whether you agree with it or not. She doesn’t really have a platform. She doesn’t really do events. She doesn’t have to campaign if she doesn’t want to. Do you know what I mean? She’s literally probably the most free modern First Lady that we’ve seen.”

Inside Melania Trump’s schedule

Though her position in society is vastly different from what it was several years ago, the first lady’s lifestyle is still very lavish, and her schedule reflects that.

“It’s very much a work schedule. But it might be work, like, ‘Let’s pick the guestlist for the next luncheon. Or, ‘Oh, we have to go over the wreaths,'” Bennett explained. “It is, essentially, a wealthy woman’s life, and that is basically what she was: a wealthy, stay-at-home mom with three homes. And thinking about, ‘Oh God, it’s already August we have to start thinking about the Thanksgiving table arrangements‘. For her that’s a very real work day.”

Melania Trump has an extremely small circle

The reason we know so little about the first lady is because her circle is very tight-knit. She’s closest to her son, Barron Trump, and her sister, Ines Knauss.

“Melania is not social,” Bennett told The Cut. “She doesn’t have a girl posse. It’s not just her staff that’s a small group, it’s her friends, too. It’s not a deep well.  I think what I try to do is look at her on the spectrum, like, she’s married to a man who puts kids in cages, and that’s horrible. And she’s also a woman who is a real person and who, outside of this realm, everyone says lovely things about. And somewhere in there is the story I have to tell.”

No matter what happens moving forward with Donald Trump’s presidency, it seems Melania Trump has mastered the art of staying out of it.