Meri Brown From ‘Sister Wives’ Has Words for Those Who Criticize Her Style: ‘I’ll Do What I Want’

Meri Brown doesn’t have time for haters. The Sister Wives star says she happy and confident in her own skin and isn’t going to listen to those who criticize the clothes she wears or the way she does her hair or makeup. 

“The world says I should improve my style,” Brown wrote in her recent Instagram post. “The world says I should wear a dress. The world says I should wear lipstick. But I say, I’ll do what ‘I’ want.”  

Critics have slammed Meri Brown’s style 

As one of the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives, Brown, 49, has been in the spotlight for roughly a decade. Over that time, she’s heard from plenty of critics who don’t like the way she dresses or how she styles her hair or does her makeup. 

Recently, a commenter on her Instagram told Brown she needed to learn the “proper” way to apply her makeup. “You will look more attractive and feel better about everything,” the person wrote. Another said her eyebrows needed “help.”

Brown didn’t let those negative comments get her down, though. “I feel great about myself but thanks anyway!” she responded to one person who didn’t like her makeup.  

In the past, Brown has also defended her outfits from critics who don’t like her shoes or the way she mixes patterns.

The ‘Sister Wives’ star says she doesn’t need people to tell her how to live her life 

Meri Brown
Meri Brown | therealmeribrown via Instagram

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In her latest Instagram post, Brown — who described herself as “a T-shirt and jeans kinda gal” — says she’s comfortable with her style and isn’t looking for tips from naysayers. 

“Here’s the thing. I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me what I should do,” she wrote. “I don’t need anyone but ME to tell me how to dress in the morning, or how do do my hair, or heaven help me, how to do my eyebrows!”

She went on to urge her followers to “own your style.” 

“Figure out who you are and BE! Don’t let the world tell you otherwise,” she added. “Find your style and be confident in it! Find your cause and fight for it! Find your passion and create it! YOU matter. YOU are amazing.”  

Many were supportive of her message 

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While Brown was firing back at her critics, the response to the post was overwhelmingly positive. One person called her “an inspiration.” Another said her message was “amazing.”

“Meri you are perfectly beautiful just the way you are!” one person assured her. 

Many people offered words of encouragement to Brown, who has shared a number of Instagram posts recently focused on self-affirmation and believing in yourself. 

“So happy to see you embracing your truth and living your life to the fullest not to mention exactly how you want to,”  one commented. 

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