Meri Brown Holds Tacky ‘Fire Sale’ As Wildfire Rages Close to her Flagstaff Home

Arizona’s Museum Fire was over 80% contained as of Tuesday morning. Raging about 15 miles from Meri Brown’s new Flagstaff resident, the fire has spurred evacuations and decimated nearly 2000 acres of land. Brown, one of the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives, has been documenting her experience with the fire. The first few Instagram live posts didn’t strike anyone as odd, but as the fire grew closer to Flagstaff’s city limits, her posts took a weird turn. Now fans are annoyed with the Reality TV star.

Meri Brown has grown more active on Instagram

Shortly after Season 13 of Sister Wives wrapped, Meri Brown fell silent on Instagram. Her social media seemed to go completely dormant in the weeks after the reunion show aired, leaving some fans wondering if the family was done with TLC for good. In late May Mariah Brown shared the news that the camera crews were back.

The cast of Sister Wives
TV personalities Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

With snapshots of the crew filming, fans were satisfied that Season 14 of the reality TV show was a go. Once the cat was out of the bag, Meri returned to Instagram. While her posts throughout the summer never referenced the show, her return to the platform seemed to indicate that the family was moving forward with the reality show.

In the days since the Museum Fire broke out in Arizona, she’s become even more active on the platform. First, she was simply sharing what was going on in the area, but her posts took on a distinctive sales tone about six days ago. The sales-related posts coincided with evacuation warnings issued for specific neighborhoods in the city of Flagstaff.

Meri Brown’s ‘fire sale’ is in poor taste

Brown seems to subscribe to the basic sales mantra- always be selling. The LuLaRoe consultant is among the MLMs most successful consultants and is likely supplementing her family’s income substantially with the business. That, however, doesn’t give the reality TV star a license to utilize a natural disaster to peddle some overpriced leggings.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss just how tacky the sale is. One fan noted that Meri Brown is likely in no real danger, and her Instagram Live posts about being evacuated are likely nothing more than a sales spiel. They wrote, “She is 100% using this fire as an excuse to do some sort of flash sale on her crap. I’ve been somewhat more positive on Meri lately, but this just killed it for me.”

Since Meri is using Instagram Live, fans can’t voice their opinions directly on the offending post.  Her last regular post on the platform doesn’t even mention the fire raging close to her home base.

The Brown family remains unaffected by the wildfires

While the Museum Fire did gobble up nearly 2000 acres of land, favorable weather conditions allowed firefighters to make serious progress in containing the flames. The fire is mostly contained and has not threatened the neighborhoods in which the Brown family lives.

In fact, evacuation warnings and orders were issued for areas of Flagstaff only to clear the roads for emergency vehicles. Those who were asked to evacuate from neighborhoods outside of Flagstaff reportedly faced danger from flooding, rather than flames.

According to KNAU, evacuation orders in Flagstaff have been downgraded to the “ready” stage of preparation. Those in wildfire-prone neighborhoods abide by a “ready, set, go” protocol. Ready is the first stage of preparation, meaning residents should get ready to evacuate if they are given the orders.