Meryl Streep’s Role in ‘The Prom’ Will Be Her Next Miranda Priestly From ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Meryl Streep – bringing audiences to tears in Sophie’s Choice and leaving viewers awestruck with her rendition of Sondheim’s Last Midnight in Into the Woodshas long been considered Hollywood’s greatest living actress. However, despite her Oscar-winning turns in various dramatic roles, many fans will always rank her work in The Devil Wears Prada as supreme.

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep | Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TNT

The Devil Wears Prada may not have earned Meryl Streep one of her three Oscars, but it earned the actress one of her most “meme-able” characters to date. From her fashionista ways and condescending demeanor to her knowledge base surrounding trends, colors (specifically cerulean), and more, fans will always consider Miranda one of Streep’s best.

The character – exiting the elevator in Christian Louboutin’s, only to sashay around her office, as if it were a lair, and her employees the worshippers – was pure, unadulterated fun. With a piercing gaze designed to minimize all those who stood in her way, Miranda Priestly instantly became a fictional, or maybe a semi-fictional icon; we’re looking at you, Anna Wintour.

Though we may never get to see Meryl Streep reprise her role as Miranda Priestly, fans of the film may get close when The Prom becomes available on Netflix. The Prom will feature Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Awkwafina, and more in a movie adaptation of the Broadway musical soon to finish its run.

What is ‘The Prom’ about and who will Meryl Streep play?

The Prom takes a group of “Liberal Democrats from Broadway,” as they so describe themselves in the show, and brings them straight to Indiana. The Broadway stars travel to the mid-west hoping to help a young girl who wishes to bring her girlfriend to prom. The problem: the young girl is facing backlash from the homophobic school and PTA. 

Before you go thinking this is such a sweet savior story, there’s a catch: the Broadway stars need some good PR after a critically panned opening labels the leading stars – Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman – narcissists. The stunt isn’t about altruism; it’s about good publicity for a bunch of selfish theatre stars.

Meryl Streep will portray Dee Dee Allen – a fading Broadway star with a comedic sense of entitlement – who places her Tony awards on tables when she wants something the ordinary folk can’t get. While she may be a talented performer, she only talks about herself, and always has her own best interest in mind.

Ask Dee Dee Allen what the Electoral College is, and she’s at a loss. She lives to be loved. She struggles with apologies and must be taught how to put other people before herself, for she has never had to learn. 

How Miranda Priestly from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and Dee Dee Allen from ‘The Prom’ are similar 

Though Miranda Priestly may have been more socially aware than Dee Dee Allen, Allen will likely be just as “meme-able” and, it is in this quality, that Allen will become Streep’s next Priestly. Her one-liners are funny, revealing both the character’s selfish tendencies and her lack of acceptable social behavior. 

Dee Dee Allen walks with her shoulders back, stands tall, and commands the room’s attention (whether or not the room wants to give it). If you loved Miranda, you will love Dee Dee, for they are both caricatures of an identity, exaggerations of the truth. This approach to their depictions catalyze the humor inherent to each performance.

Meryl Streep will sing once again, but this time, she won’t be singing ABBA and Sondheim, she’ll be singing songs about “Changing Lives,” as Dee Dee Allen attempts to convince viewers it’s not always about her.