Michael B. Jordan’s Diet for Creed II and His Favorite Cheat Meal


Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2

Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2 | John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Michael B. Jordan is in great shape. After seeing the star in his latest movie, you might wonder about his exercise regimen and what he ate during the filming, so he could look that good. What was Michael B. Jordan’s diet like for Creed II? Here’s what we know about Michael B. Jordan’s diet for Creed II and his favorite cheat meal.

How Michael B. Jordan got ripped for Creed II

The actor put in a lot of work, so he could get his body ready for Creed II. He told US Weekly he worked out several times a day and increased his caloric intake. “I worked out maybe three or four times a day. I ate four to five times a day,” he said during his US Weekly interview.

Jordan said his goal was to get lean. “I wanted to lean out a lot for this one, so do a lot of cardio. I lifted weights, I boxed, I swam. I just wanted to keep that fluidity. I wanted to look like a fighter. Coming off Black Panther, I was more of a soldier. This one I kinda wanted to look more like a fighter,” he told US Weekly.

Some punches landed a little too hard

 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan | John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Jordan wasn’t the only one who trained hard for the film. His co-star, Romanian boxer Florian Muntenau, was also in top form. He told Total Film magazine he sometimes unintentionally hit Jordan in the face. “He’s a guy who’s not a boxer and he weighs 40 pounds less than me. But he took my shots pretty well. He’s definitely on top of his game. Everything he does [in training] he does like a professional… I think he definitely has all the abilities to step up into the ring,” said Muntenau.

Michael B. Jordan’s diet for Creed II

Jordan made sure to eat a healthy diet during the filming. He told the magazine he ate brown rice, chicken, and broccoli. “I just really wanted to be defined. I wanted to evolve on the look that we gave on Creed I, and really raise the bar this time around,” he said.

His favorite cheat meal

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with French fries

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One thing Jordan can’t seem to resist is cheesesteak. Corey Calliet, his trainer from Creed II and Black Panther, told US Weekly the star is indeed addicted to cheesesteak: “Cheesesteak… Not every day, but every time I gave him a cheat meal, and I think he did eat something when he wasn’t supposed to — maybe when I went to sleep, he probably had a cheesesteak because he was up kind of late. Michael loves cheesesteak.”

His other guilty pleasure

In a 2014 interview with Vibe, Jordan admits he has a sweet tooth. His co-star in the film That Awkward Moment, Miles Teller, told Vibe that someone from craft services was usually slipping a piece of candy to the star. Jordan said he tries to be nice to anyone who can sneak him some treats: “You always gotta make friends with all of the key people on set, and craft services are very important to me,” says Jordan. “I like my donuts. I like my snacks.”

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