Michael B. Jordan Lives With His Parents For One Important Reason and Honestly, We Get It

Michael B. Jordan went from a rising star in the entertainment industry in shows like All My Children and The Wire to a bonafide superstar in his recent films like Creed and Black Panther. Still, his massive success hasn’t stopped the actor from remaining extremely down to earth. From his swoon-worthy Instagram to his on-demand push-ups care of his co-star Lupita Nyong’o, Jordan has remained super relatable.

However, the most non-Hollywood thing about the Fahrenheit 451 star is that he still lives with his parents, or rather, they live with him. In fact, Jordan and his parents are roommates for one super important reason, and honestly, we totally understand.

The best relationship

Michael B. Jordan smiling on a red carpet with his parents.

Living with the parents isn’t so hard. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Though Jordan’s living situation seems more than a little unconventional, especially for an A-list actor who is worth millions of dollars, he adores his parents and likes to have them close. In his “73 Questions” interview with Vogue, he described his mom, Donna Jordan, as “loving, embarrassing (sometimes) and nurturing.”

Meanwhile, he explained that his father, Michael A. Jordan, was a “strong, quiet, thinker.”

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Living the dream

Michael B. Jordan at a 'Black Panther' fashion event.

He’s a huge movie star, but he keeps it real. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marvel

Though Jordan is reportedly worth $8 million, he’s spending and investing his money wisely. However, that didn’t stop him from wanting to get his parents their dream home. In a Feb. 2018 interview with The Times, he explained, “Look, it’s every kid’s dream, to buy their mom and dad a house.”

Apparently, the Fantastic Four actor was able to cross his parent’s dream home off of his bucket list. In 2015, he purchased his 4,672-square-foot, four-bedroom Spanish style mansion in Sherman Oaks, California for $1.7 million. If we’d bought a house with such a hefty price tag, we would live their too.

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Homemade meals

Michael B. Jordan's crab cakes.

His family meals keep him satisfied. | Michael B. Jordan via Instagram

In Jordan’s interview with Vogue, we watched his mother pack him a lunch as he headed out for the day. Homemade meals are clearly a significant perk of living with your parents.  In fact, in that same video, his mother was also preparing some of his of his grandmother’s famous rum cakes.

Still, don’t expect Jordan’s parents to do everything for him. We do know that the hunky actor does his own ironing. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he revealed that he finds ironing, “therapeutic.”

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Those awkward moments

Michael B. Jordan and his mother.

They’ve had some strange run-ins. | Michael B. Jordan via Instagram

Despite the lovely meals and rum cakes, living with your parents as a grown person can also be very awkward. Jordan revealed to DeGeneres that he’s had more than one embarrassing middle of the night kitchen run in.

He explained, “You get home-cooked meals, but then you also have random trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Just the random run-ins that just might be a little uncomfortable from time to time. Sometimes shirtless, maybe a little naked.”

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A man of a certain age

Michael B. Jordan singing autographs.

The situation makes sense for him right now. | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Disney

Though Jordan’s living situation may seem odd for a celebrity, one significant reason that he still lives with his parents is that he’s just like the rest of his generation. According to a May 2017 Pew Study, fifteen percent of 25 to 35-year-old millennials still live with their parents.

In fact, Jordan isn’t the only celeb who lives at home. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence still lives with her parents in their condo. This makes sense for a career like Jordan and Lawrence’s. Why spend a ton of money on a place when the demands of your job mean you are hardly going to be there?

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A sense of normalcy

Michael B. Jordan and his mother, Donna.

Left: Donna Jordan | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Right: Jordan’s infamous plaid suit. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Hollywood is a tricky place, and though Jordan has been in the industry since he was a kid, having his parents around probably keeps him humble.  His mother, for example, has no qualms about calling him out, regarding some of his strange red carpets looks over the years.

When asked about the most outrageous thing he’s ever worn, Jordan’s mom told Vogue, “Hmm, oh! I know right away! It’s that orange plaid suit that you wore to some award show.”

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Moving out

Michael B. Jordan in a black tuxedo.

He might eventually move out. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Though Jordan told DeGeneres that he is looking to move out soon, he doesn’t quite seem to be in a rush to give up packed lunches and slices of rum cake and quite frankly, we don’t blame him at all.

Still, with Creed 2 and a ton of other projects on his slate, we’re sure Jordan will be more than ready to move out soon enough.

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