Michael Jackson Movie Musical to Feature an Alien Glove as a Sexual Predator in the Lead Role

About a week ago, Michael Jackson fans spanning the globe found out that a biopic about the pop star’s life is on the horizon, with the Bohemian Rhapsody producer securing the rights to cover the late icon. Graham King was granted the rights by the singer’s estate, leading many to presume that certain parts of the pop star’s life would be “sanitized” or utterly eliminated; however, such rumors were shot down by Deadline’s Mike Fleming, as NME reports. 

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson | David McGough/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Whether the Michael Jackson biopic will glamorize the pop star’s existence, minimizing his indiscretions remains up in the air; however, an upcoming Johnny Depp-produced musical will not shy away from these moments in the pop star’s life; the movie will, instead, place blame on the pop star’s memorable white, bedazzled glove. 

The Michael Jackson movie musical and the origin of the alien glove story 

Penned by screenwriter, stage writer, lyricist, and director Julian Nitzberg, For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, as told by his Glove was intended to be a conventional biopic. Following the sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson, the narrative’s focus shifted. 

A major TV network wanted Nitzberg to write a Michael Jackson movie, as Rolling Stone reports, yet things got funky when questions concerning the child abuse allegations, and how to cover them on-screen took center stage. Nitzberg shared the following story:

I said, how’s this? Everything MJ has been accused of has actually been caused by his glove, which is actually an alien from outer space [and] feeds on virgin boy blood. They laughed and said, can you do the normal version?

Rolling Stone

The TV biopic soon fell through, and Nitzberg chose to transform the story into a musical for the stage. While looking to secure financing, Nitzberg wound up aligning with Johnny Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil, and the rest is, as they say, history. Nitzberg has previously penned an unnamed Tiny Tim biopic for Depp’s production company, so the two had an established history as partners. 

Why an alien, predatorial glove from outer space? 

Figuring out a way to tackle Michael Jackson’s history of sexual abuse allegations, while simultaneously highlighting his groundbreaking musical career — ensuring that neither is minimized or heightened in an egregious manner— is no easy task. Both sides of the person must be brought to life for a truthful representation. As Told By His Glove is designed to combat this conundrum. 

According to The Guardian, the story has been described as “a fresh, revisionist look at the strange forces that shaped Jackson and the scandals that bedevilled him.” The actions will be brought to light, but the predatorial nature will be displaced — fault will be placed on an inanimate object. 

Theoretically, the displacement may allow viewers to grapple with the pop star’s complicated life — accepting both his success and sexual assault allegations— in a way that neither scars his legacy nor turns him into a faultless hero. Whether it will work remains to be seen.