Michael Weatherly Does Not Identify With This Signature DiNozzo Quality in ‘NCIS’

Michael Weatherly portrayed the wise-cracking Agent DiNozzo – always prepped with a snide remark – for 13 seasons in NCIS. Though the actor and character grew quite intimate over the years – seamlessly fusing into one identity – Michael Weatherly does not relate to one of DiNozzo’s most defining qualities.

Michael Weatherly NCIS
Former ‘NCIS’ star Michael Weatherly | Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

If you ever watch Michael Weatherly interview, you will notice that his jokester ways align with DiNozzo’s own disposition; thus, when it comes to humor, these two have a lot in common. This Tony DiNozzo quality is the very reason fans often say “Michael Weatherly is Agent DiNozzo. However, DiNozzo has one other major quality that Weatherly is unfamiliar with in his personal life.

During an interview with TV Guide, Michael Weatherly discussed NCIS, Agent DiNozzo, and his personal life. During the interview, he explained that he and Tony DiNozzo would not see eye-to-eye concerning matters of the heart. 

Michael Weatherly is a relationship kind of guy; Tony DiNozzo from ‘NCIS’ is a “cad”

During his interview with TV Guide, Michael Weatherly discussed his relationship with then-girlfriend Bojana Jankovic, and why he wasn’t afraid to age, explaining that his significant other would not be interested in a 25-year-old. Michael Weatherly was then asked, “so you’re not the cad you play on TV?” Weatherly stated:

“No. Over 10 years, I was in three relationships. I’m like a golden retriever. I’m a pretty loyal dog as long as I’m getting my ALPO and my water.” 

TV Guide

Unlike his scoundrel counterpart, DiNozzo, who is often depicted as womanizing and dishonorable towards members of the opposite gender, Weatherly is a bit more refined (or so he seems to argue). At the least, he isn’t much of a player.

As Weatherly puts it, he’s a loyal boyfriend who usually dates one girl for a while. His relationship with Jessica Alba was probably his last major A-list romance, and they dated back when Weatherly was in his 30s. 

Michael Weatherly is the kind of man who finds a girl he likes, takes her on a few dates, and enters a relationship if the chemistry is there. DiNozzo, on the other hand, is the kind of guy who goes out with two girls in the same night, and calls neither of them ever again; that is until Agent David captures his heart.

With Cote de Pablo back on ‘NCIS’ as Ziva, Will Michael Weatherly reprise DiNozzo?

In dramatic fashion, Cote de Pablo returned to NCIS as Ziva David at the end of season 16. Appearing at the top of Gibbs’ staircase to warn him of imminent danger, Ziva’s return took the world by storm, as she was a fan favorite for several years on the show. 

Now that Cote de Pablo is back on NCIS, many fans are wondering if Michael Weatherly will return to his career-catalyzing role. Given that Michael Weatherly is currently leading Bull, a full-time return seems unlikely, but let’s hope for a cameo! Not to mention, Ziva returning without DiNozzo finding out seems a bit unrealistic (no matter the story angle the writers go for).