‘Counting On’ Fans Think These Are Michelle Duggar’s Favorite Children

Michelle Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob, are the parents to 19 children. Raising 19 kids is no easy task, but all mothers know that there is more than enough love to go around. However, some Counting On fans theorize that Michelle Duggar actually does have a few favorites. Here’s who they might be.

The older children from 'Counting On'
Michelle Duggar’s older children | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Duggar has had 19 children since she wed in 1984

For Duggar, having children became a way of life. When Duggar and her husband first married, the two used birth control because they weren’t ready to have kids. However, after getting pregnant on the pill and having a miscarriage, they decided to ban use altogether. From there, it seemed like Michelle was pregnant every year — and for the most part, she was. Today, she has 19 children, all of whom are homeschooled and raised very religiously. While some have flown the nest to marry and start their own families, others are still living under the Duggars’ roof. And fans took to Reddit to discuss who her favorite children are.

Many seem to think that Duggar adores her oldest son, Josh, despite his mistakes

Josh Duggar is Duggar’s oldest son and her first born, and according to fans, he’s her favorite. Mothers do tend to have unconditional love for their oldest sons in a way that seems to trump the other children, however, Josh’s publicized mistakes make it hard for anyone — even a mother — to overlook his troubled past. Josh sexually abused young girls when he was younger, some of whom were his own siblings. He also confessed to cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar, and having a pornography addiction. But through it all, fans are still convinced his mother adores him.

Johannah and Josie appear to be clear favorites

Fans think Michelle has a lot of love for two of the younger Duggar daughters, Johannah (Hannie) and Josie. They recalled episodes where Michelle used to “dote” on Johannah and loved her personality. “I totally forgot that she used to dote on Hannie… Hannie was an adorable and smart toddler,” one Reddit user wrote. Josie, on the other hand, is Michelle’s youngest child, and her birth was complicated and worrisome. The fact that she’s still here and healthy is something Michelle probably doesn’t take for granted, so she might show Josie a little extra love. “Josie, because not only is she the youngest child of a woman who’s [sic] whole identity is of being a mother, but because the hospitalization forced her to bond more closely with her than with any other,” another user commented.

Some believe she loves Jana’s ability to help but connects with Jinger in a deeper way

Fans have mixed ideas about which older daughter is her favorite, but many believe it is either Jana or Jinger. Some think Michelle loves how much Jana helps her with the other kids around the house, but some feel that she has a deeper emotional connection to Jinger. “Jinger is the only one of the daughters she’s managed to connect with in any real way,” one user wrote. Another user suggested that Jinger having a daughter (the first daughter to have a daughter) took a special place in Michelle’s heart, too.

Realistically, Michelle probably loves all of her children equally, though there might be some she has formed a closer bond with than others.