Michelle Duggar Is Proving Fame and Fortune Still Hasn’t Changed This About Her

Some viewers may have just gotten their introduction to the Duggar family via TLC’s Counting On, but we know the family’s been on TV for over a decade. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar attained fame for having 19 children and an antiquated, ultra-religious way of life. And now, it’s their older kids who are taking the spotlight thanks to the show and social media.

While Michelle may be known for her strict household rules and old-fashioned views, she also takes part in posting to the Duggar Family Instagram. And a recent post shows one aspect of her life simply won’t change despite how much money or fame she garners from her tenure on television. Here’s what’s bound to stay the same.

The Duggars are known for buying all of their clothing second-hand

Having a family of 19 means cutting costs wherever possible, and Jim Bob and Michelle have been quite open with their followers regarding how they manage to keep up with the costs of raising so many children. When it comes to food, Michelle has talked at length about the benefits of buying in bulk. And we know many of their meals are made using canned goods as well. Since clothing can be another huge money suck for any family, the Duggars have also spoken about their love of purchasing their clothing from second-hand stores.

This clip from 19 Kids and Counting explains the Duggars save over $1,000 per year by purchasing all of the clothing used. And in this clip, Jessa and Jinger explain how they achieve style and modesty without buying any of their clothes new. “We shop mostly at thrift shops and consignment shops and sale racks,” Jessa explained. And Jinger adds that you need to “think outside of the box” when thrifting to create fun outfits you’d never otherwise think of.

Michelle Duggar added an Instagram photo showing she’s still buying used clothing

Buying used clothing was certainly a necessity for the Duggar family before they were making money from their various shows. But their time on TV has proven to be quite lucrative. It’s been reported that the family makes between $25,000 and $40,000 for every episode of Counting On. And since many of the Duggars are now moved out and living on their own, Michelle could certainly stop thrifting if she wanted to. It seems it’s one habit she doesn’t want to give up, however.

On the Duggar Family Instagram, Michelle posted this photo of her with two of her younger daughters at Rhea Lana’s upscale children’s consignment shop. “The girls and I had fun going to @rhealanasofnwa today!” Michelle captioned her photo. The other Duggars have also praised Rhea Lana’s in the past, though it’s clear none of them have to shop consignment stores if they don’t want to. But Michelle’s fans seem to be supportive of her decision. “By the look of the bags you did well …. I love that kind of shopping,” a follower commented.

Jill Duggar is also following in her mother’s footsteps

Jill Duggar’s no longer featured on Counting On, but she still clues her followers into what she’s up to via Instagram. And she just posted a variety of photos while shopping at Rhea Lana’s with her mother, Michelle, too. Jill posted this photo set of her out looking for great deals at the shop with the caption, “Had a blast shopping @rhealanasofnwa. The boys are happy and so is this mama!”

While Jill probably has less money than the rest of the Duggars since she’s no longer making income via reality TV, she also most likely has enough cash to buy her family new clothing instead of used. And fans blasted her on this Instagram post when she stated she was going to buy her sons used shoes. Even with the critique, it seems she’ll continue with the thrift shopping just like her mother — and we can look forward to more second-hand shopping sprees with the Duggars in the future.

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