Michelle Williams Reveals Why She Almost Quit Singing Before Competing on ‘The Masked Singer’

Die-hard Destiny’s Child fans can easily identify Michelle Williams’s voice and Twitter was set ablaze the first time she performed on The Masked Singer. Though she was completely masked in costume and her face wasn’t shown, most people knew from her exotic voice that it was her.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams attends Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening Gala 2019 | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Her butterfly costume fit her well as she soared beautifully through the competition. Williams was recently voted off the show but she says the competition was one of the best choices she’s ever made in her career. She also said the show restored faith in her singing ability as not too long ago, she came close to quitting the music industry altogether. 

Why Michelle Williams joined ‘The Masked Singer’

Williams announced in December of last year that she was taking a break from her music career to focus on her mental health. The singer has been open about her battle with depression in the past and admitted that ending her engagement and it being public took a toll. She announced her break when she was slated to return to Broadway in a production of On This Island.

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A statement released to PEOPLE read, “Effective immediately, Michelle T. Williams has been advised by doctors to take a leave of absence from performing.”

Since her hiatus, Williams has been MIA, with the exception of posting to social media. Though her unique voice is recognizable, Williams decided to participate in The Masked Singer because her identity would be hidden. Though she intended to be on a break for a full year, she told Billboard that the show was one of the top five great things she’s done in her career. 

“The way they handle you, it’s good energy. Everybody wants you to be your best,” she said. “And musically for me, it worked for me to do… I felt like I was able to shine a little bit.”

Michelle Williams reveals why she almost quit singing 

After 20 years in the business and under constant public scrutiny, Williams said that her time on The Masked Singer gave her the confidence boost that she was lacking. Williams struggled with loving the tone to her voice as it was more gospel-rooted and being in an R&B group, fans were critical of her voice compared to her group members. 

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“Apparently I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever,” she said. “People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.”

On her exit video she shared on Instagram, Williams revealed that her self esteem regarding her voice was so low that she considered quitting singing altogether. 

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“It’s kind of like a christening all over again of being back out here musically as an artist because honestly, I had put the mic down,” she revealed. “I was like, ‘No, I’ll just speak and mentor and just tell my story, but I won’t sing really ever again. I really haven’t sang at all this year, except for this show.”

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Thankfully, Williams recognized her gift and continued to sing. Had she quit, the world would have missed out on a beautiful voice!