Mike Myers Is the Newest Celebrity To Have His Own Netflix Series

Celebrities have slowly been moving from the big and small screens to the Netflix screen. The video streaming company has been able to reel in high-profile celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler for its popular movies and shows. It seems nowadays, every celebrity is hopping on the Netflix bandwagon. Actor and comedian Mike Myers is the most recent celebrity to appear on the streaming service; he’ll star in Netflix’s newest comedy.

Mike Myers
Mike Myers | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Myers is well-known for his roles in Austin Powers and Wayne’s World

Myers has a long acting history and starred in the popular film “Wayne’s World” back in 1992. The movie, which was inspired by Myers’ Saturday Night Live character, followed Wayne and his friend Garth (played by Dana Carvey) as they tried to save their show from getting into the hands of a producer (Rob Lowe). But perhaps Myers’ most famous role was as Austin Powers, a 1960s spy who returns to present day (the 1990s) and has to adjust to normal life while still remaining a successful spy. Myers starred in three films as Powers. Myers also voiced Shrek throughout the entire “Shrek” franchise.

Netflix just announced Myers will star in a new comedy on the streaming service

Myers is headed back into comedy, but this time, it will be through the popular streaming service, Netflix. According to CNN, the company just announced Myers would be starring in a comedy show that has a SNL-type twist. The episodes will be 30 minutes each, and Myers will be the executive producer on top of being the star. “I love creating characters, and Netflix has given me a fantastic playground to play in,” Myers said. Other executive producers include John Lyons and Jason Weinberg.

Myers formerly starred on ‘Saturday Night Live’ which may have inspired the new show

Myers may be known as Austin Powers, but it was Saturday Night Live that truly jump started his career. Myers starred on the show nearly 30 years ago, and it will likely influence how he handles this newest Netflix comedy. He will reportedly play multiple roles in the Netflix series, giving it a similar vibe to SNL. It’s unclear if any other celebrities will star in the new show along with him.

Mike Myers’ formerly starred on Saturday Night Live.

The show doesn’t yet have a premiere date or a production start date

The news just broke about Myers’ new show, and there are still plenty of details that need to be worked out. Right now, there is no premiere date or production start date, but Netflix did reveal that the first season would consist of six, 30-minute episodes.

Netflix has recently given network television a run for its money with successful shows such as Stranger Things and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. According to a recent poll, 61% of young adults currently use streaming services as their primary form of television. In time, those numbers could increase, which explains why network television is doing its best to revive old shows in an effort to keep audiences interested (Roseanne, Will and Grace, and more shows have recently been re-invented by cable television). But Myers is the most recent actor to take his talents to Netflix.

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