Mike Tyson Says He Smoked Weed Before Andrew Golota Fight — And Got Fined $250,000 for It

Every athlete has ways of preparing for a competition that’s unique to them. Some may abstain from intimate relationships, some may work out several times a day, but each has their own habits. During his heyday, Mike Tyson was no different.

Tyson recently explained that not only did he smoke weed before one of his matches, but he also had extreme training methods that he carried throughout his career. 

Mike Tyson smoked weed before Andrew Golota fight and got fined 

Mike Tyson Andrew Golota
Mike Tyson and Andrew Golota fight during a Heavyweight match | Focus on Sport/Getty Images

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Tyson went into detail when asked if he’d ever smoked before a match on T.I.’s expediTIously podcast. 

“Once,” Tyson said. “Once in my life, I got fined $250,000 though.”

He also dished that it was his fight against Andrew Golota that he smoked before. According to Tyson, being inebriated only made the beatdown he laid worse.

“Oh, I displayed the worst beating of my career,” Tyson said. “Yeah, breaking bones, eye sockets, cheekbones, necks, putting it down, n—a.”

Mike Tyson trained intensely before matches

Tyson may have only smoked weed before one match, but he had other fight preparation habits that were unique. He shared in the same interview that instead of going by a particular regimen before a match, he would just work out as much as he physically could. 

“It wasn’t smart, cause this is how my mind thinks,” Tyson said. “Whatever you did, if I was running, do it as much as you can. After you finish up, later on that night, let’s run again. Let’s do two-a-days and stuff like that, let’s go to the gym twice a day.”

Tyson described his training habits as “extremely extreme.” He also shared that he loved to listen to rap music while training. 

Tyson explained the minimalism of his ring entrance 

T.I. also asked Tyson about his iconic ring entrances, and why they were always eerily silent. Tyson never had theatrics or music playing during his entrances, he would simply walk to the ring with a towel over his head. Tyson explained that it was because he was focused on the task at hand.

“I wanted to succeed,” Tyson said. “I don’t know, I just wanted to succeed.”

Tyson went on to explain that when he was growing up, he idolized gangsters, criminals, and misfits. Aside from that, he had never imagined or desired a life in the public eye with considerable attention. Because of this, his behaviors in the ring and out were largely influenced by his inability to let go of street habits he adopted growing up.

Regardless of how prepared for his matches or entered the ring, he will always be known as one of the greatest to do it. His 50-6 record and numerous heavyweight championship reigns are proof of that.