Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Combined Net Worth Would Be Great News for Their Kids … If They Were Getting Any of It

2018 Breakthrough Prize - Red Carpet Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attend the 2018 Breakthrough Prize | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have made a hefty combined net worth as two of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars. Both actors got their start on the hit sitcom That 70s Show, which propelled their careers and made them household names.

The Ranch star is reportedly worth $200 million while his wife’s net worth averages $55 million. Outside of acting, Kutcher makes money as a venture capitalist and product engineer. The two have more than enough money for themselves and plenty they could leave their kids, but they’re choosing not to. What gives?

Kutcher doesn’t want his kids to grow up spoiled

Kutcher revealed to fellow actor and friend Dax Sheppard his plans with his finances. “I’m not setting up a trust for them,” he revealed. “We’ll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things.” He explained that while they want to provide a good life for daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri, they plan to leave their money to people in need.

Kutcher explained that his kids are already “living a really privileged life and they don’t even know it.” He and Kunis plan to offer financial support if one of their children come to them with a business plan or passion project they need funding for.

“If my kids want to start a business, and they have a good business plan, I’ll invest in it. But they’re not getting trusts,” he said. Kunis agreed, explaining to Entertainment Tonight their biggest concern about spoiling children. “Yeah, we’re not gonna raise a–holes. There’s enough a–holes in this world! We don’t need to contribute,” she said.

The couple still wants to give them a great life

Just because they don’t plan to leave their kids with trust funds, doesn’t mean they aren’t raising them in the ranks of the rest of Hollywood’s elite children. Kutcher made headlines for ordering a $1,100 “robo-crib” that rocks his 1-year-old to sleep and allows Kutcher and Kunis to get some shut-eye as well.

“For kid number two we got one of those Snoos [Smart Sleepers],” Kutcher told Shepard on his podcast. “It’s an oscillating bed… it has a sensor in it so the louder the kid cries, the faster it goes and puts the kid back to sleep, it’s incredible.”

Kunis Kutcher family
Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis attend the diving competition at the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest with their family. | Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

They aren’t alone with this parenting technique

Plenty of other wealthy and successful parents adopt the same attitude as Kutcher and Kunis. Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chen and Warren Buffett all plan to leave most of their fortune to charities rather than their children.

Buffett told Fortune in 1986 that he plans to leave his children “enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.” He reportedly will leave each of his kids $2 billion, rather than most of his nearly $55 billion estate.

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