Miley Cyrus Allegedly Still Cares What Liam Hemsworth’s Family Thinks of Her

It’s been a wild year for Miley Cyrus. The infamous actress-turned-songwriter had a well-known relationship with fellow actor Liam Hemsworth for a decade. While the two had their issues, they seemed to resolve their differences enough to tie the knot at the end of 2018. But by the summer of 2019, all bets were off. Hemsworth and Cyrus had totally gone their separate ways, and Cyrus was spotted with Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, shortly after the split.

Now, it seems Cyrus has found love again, but this time with Australian singing sensation Cody Simpson. And she seems to give an attitude that she doesn’t care what others think of her, but it might all be an act. Sources close to Cyrus claim she actually deeply cares what Hemsworth’s family thinks even after their breakup.

Both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have moved on to new relationships

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth at Saint Laurent mens spring summer 20 show on June 06, 2019 | Presley Ann/WireImage

Cyrus and Hemsworth didn’t end their 10-year relationship and brief marriage long ago, but they’ve both managed to move forward with new romances. As stated before, Cyrus and Simpson are now together after sustaining a long-standing friendship.

“The reason why it hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is just because we’ve been friends for so long,” Simpson explained to People. “Any girlfriends I’ve had in the past has always been immediate romance and so it’s a different experience having been friends with somebody before and it developing naturally into something more.”

As for Hemsworth, he hasn’t come forward and discussed his relationship, but it’s speculated he’s seeing fellow Australian actress Maddison Brown. Elle reports the two were photographed kissing while in New York City. “Both being Aussies, their love for the beach and the fact that they share careers has bonded them. They are a very cute couple,” Elle notes a source told People.

Hemsworth’s family made it known they’re over Cyrus

Hemsworth no longer follows Cyrus on Instagram, so we’re not sure if he’s keeping up with what she’s doing. But it seems his family is totally over her.

Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, spoke with Hola! regarding the breakup — and she seems to think Hemsworth is better off without Cyrus in his life. “My brother-in-law, well … After a relationship that you’ve dedicated 10 years to, he’s a little bit down, but he’s coping well,” she said. “He’s a strong boy and he deserves the best, I think he deserves much better.”

Not only that, but when Hemsworth was hoping for a reconciliation with Cyrus over the summer, sources alleged his family was concerned. It was around this same time when photos of Cyrus and Carter were showing up in the media, and it worried Hemsworth’s crew.

“He thought they could work it out, but all those pictures of her and Kaitlynn ended that. Liam comes from a very conservative family and his family was freaked out by it,” a source told Us Weekly.

Sources close to Cyrus claim she cares what Hemsworth’s family thinks

Hemsworth’s family might be done with Cyrus, but we’re not so sure Cyrus is done with the family. While she doesn’t appear to be in contact with her ex-husband at all, Daily Mail Online reports a friend of Cyrus’ told Woman’s Day, “Elsa saying she wasn’t good enough for Liam will hurt her hard.”

The good news is that Cyrus’ family seems to love Simpson. “Miley’s family loves Cody and was happy to have him stay. They all celebrated the holiday together at Miley’s family house,” a source told E! News. “Everyone gets along very well and Miley’s siblings have welcomed Cody in. Their relationship is fun and easy. He’s one of the crew.”

According to In Touch Weekly, Cyrus and Hemsworth may come face to face in January 2020 to finalize their divorce. We’re interested to see how it all goes down and if any words are exchanged leading up to the event.

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