Miley Cyrus Jokes About Her ‘New’ Self In Revealing Instagram Post

These days, it’s almost rarer for a day to go by without a Miley Cyrus headline than a Donald Trump one. Let’s face it: We’re fascinated by her life. Here’s what the pop star has posted on social media today.

Miley Cyrus has been in the news a lot lately

Cyrus is a celebrity who has never really fallen out of the news cycle. Since her Hannah Montana days back on the Disney Channel, fans have demanded to know more about the pop star/actress, daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

But lately, it seems like her every move is being tracked. Since Cyrus’ very public split with now ex-husband and longtime love Liam Hemsworth, the media has followed her through her fling with Kaitlynn Carter through her current relationship with singer Cody Simpson.

She has begun to post a lot on social media

Cyrus has gone through phases of being more active on social media and less so. There was a time during her relationship with Hemsworth, in the year or so before they tied the knot, in which all of her social media seemed to be heavily curated to focus on her music at the time. But these days, she’s doing what she wants.

Clearly, Cyrus is aware that fans and media alike are tracking her every move, and calling this a “new phase” for her. After all, ending a big relationship means starting fresh, right? Cyrus has both mocked and embraced that in her recent posts, like the one above, which she captioned “New. Life. Who. Dis.”

Cyrus calls herself ‘basic’

Cyrus’ vibe lately has been very denim-based. Maybe she’s thinking of returning to her country roots again? Whatever the case, we’re digging her style. Though a brand new post has revealed a bit more than is generally considered within Instagram’s guidelines.

She posted the above photos in different white tank tops and jean shorts, quite obviously choosing not to wear a bra for her own personal photo shoot. Cyrus wrote of the series, “I’m getting more basic by the day. The only thing the “new me” loves more than a mirror selfie is a self timed one.”

She has also gotten more tattoos amidst controversy

Her nearly bare chest isn’t the only thing Cyrus is putting on display. The singer has always had quite a few tattoos, but she’s been upping her game lately. The “’92” on her neck is for the year she was born, which, in Chinese astrology, was the Year of the Monkey.

Cyrus has also gone with Simpson to get tattoos together. She recently got a rock ‘n roll heart on her upper arm, while he added a skull and crossbones to his chest. It’s getting hard to keep track of just how many tattoos Cyrus has these days.

Is Cyrus working on new music?

Miley Cyrus performs at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on August 26, 2019
Miley Cyrus performs at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on August 26, 2019 | Dimitrios Kambouris/VMN19/Getty Images for MTV

Turning back to her musical pursuits, the question on most fans’ minds is: When will Cyrus release new music. When her split with Hemsworth was announced, she put out a single, “Slide Away,” which appeared to detail the reasons behind their breakup. She then performed it at the 2019 MTV VMAs.

Cyrus also collaborated with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey on a track for the new Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, titled “Don’t Call Me Angel.” But if you scroll to the last two photos of her revealing Instagram photoshoot, you’ll see images of her jamming out in the sun. We can only hope that means more new music is just around the corner.