Miley Cyrus Is Here to Remind Us She Updated A Christmas Song Before Her Fellow ‘The Voice’ Coaches

‘Tis the season for Christmas songs, both new and old. One popular new tradition is taking classic tunes and revitalizing them, something Miley Cyrus did in 2018. Now that her fellow The Voice judges have jumped on the bandwagon, Cyrus has decided to reshare her updated song. Listen here.

Miley was once a coach on ‘The Voice’

Miley Cyrus on 'The Voice
Miley Cyrus on ‘The Voice’| Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Cyrus hasn’t done much TV since her Hannah Montana days, preferring to stick to the big screen and the music career. (We’re choosing to ignore the critically panned Amazon Prime series Crisis in Six Scenes). However, she did serve some time in the reality show circuit.

The singer-songwriter first appeared as a part-time advisor in Season 10 of The Voice. This turned into a full-time gig with Season 11. Cyrus was absent in Season 12 but returned for Season 13. However, she has not appeared on the competition program since 2017.

‘The Voice’ is in its 17th Season

Though Cyrus said goodbye to coaching (at least, for now), The Voice has continued to press on. At present, Season 17 is wrapping up. The current coaches on Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson.

It has been a very eventful season. Taylor Swift came on as a “mega mentor” for the coaches. Right now, it’s anyone’s game, but there’s a lot of incredibly fierce competition. The semi-finals are an exciting time!

Two coaches collaborated on this updated Christmas song

Everyone knows that while The Voice is a reality competition show that helps new artists get their start first, it’s also a chance for the coaches to promote their own projects. (Come on, you know you were thinking it!) Additionally, it offers a lot of opportunities for fun collaborations.

Coaches Legend and Clarkson teamed up for a holiday-themed project perfectly timed with their season. They switched up the lyrics to oft-maligned classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which has ruffled feathers in the past due to its questionable message. Listen above to see how they changed it.

Cyrus did ‘Feminist Santa Baby’ first

Yes, Christmas songs of the past are seen a bit different in today’s light. But before Legend made a positive role model out of the male character in “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Cyrus took on a different holiday classic: “Santa Baby.” She appeared on The Tonight Show with frequent collaborator Mark Ronson and switched up the lyrics.

In the updated version, Cyrus packs quite a few good messages in. She sings about equal pay for women and men who sexually harass women, either by touching them or sharing inappropriate photos. Though it’s a super-short clip, there’s a lot there. Watch the video above, which Cryus shared almost a year later on her Instagram.

Could Cyrus ever return to ‘The Voice’?

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Though she didn’t win in her two seasons on The Voice, Cyrus was definitely a fan-favorite amongst many. So will she ever return, possibly even in a part-time capacity? Right now, we’re not sure.

After coaching in Season 13 in 2017, Cyrus went on Howard Stern’s radio program, where she admitted that she was “done” with the reality show. However, she didn’t say she would never return, only that there weren’t “any more season lined up” at that point.