Millie Bobby Brown Wants This for Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Stranger Things 4 has officially been announced and fans couldn’t be more thrilled. But even their excitement seems to pale in comparison to Millie Bobby Brown’s. The 15-year-old breakout star simply exudes sheer enthusiasm whenever she has the opportunity to speak about her work on the show. Her character Eleven, or El for short, has endured quite a journey throughout the show’s three seasons. Only time will tell what the writers have in store for the unique character. But what does Brown hope is next for Eleven?

Millie Bobby Brown arrives at the Stranger Things 3 world premiere
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El certainly went through lots of changes throughout Stranger Things 3 and fans were delighted and surprised to see how much she began coming into her own. One of the best things about the show is watching the character (and young actors) grow up and witness how that growth changes the character. Brown herself was ecstatic by all the changes that El experienced throughout the latest season. In fact, she was so excited, she took to her Instagram story mere minutes before the July 4 premiere to share just how proud she was of her character.

Eleven has already had one of the best arcs of all the characters

“I’ll let you in on a little secret…this was my favorite season to film and my favorite season to watch. This year 011 is growing up. She is evolving into a real teenager. To watch her progression with fashion, relationships, and personal trauma is so beautifully written and directed and I was so lucky to be able to portray el in the way she deserved. Mike and El in this season are ADORBBBBSSSS and just wait for MAX and EL OMG I NEED TO SHUT UP IT’S ONLY 11 MINUTES,” the Stranger Things star gushed.

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But despite all the growth that El experienced this season, Brown wants more for her in the upcoming Stranger Things 4. Though Brown isn’t totally opposed to El being the villain of the next season, she thinks 011 is perfect as is. What she does want for her, however, is more agency and discovery of who she is outside of her male relationships.

What Brown wants for Eleven in Stranger Things 4

“I hope she finds who she is, without a boy, a male influence in her life. There’s Mike and Papa and Hopper and all the boys really. Even without Max⁠, she needs to find herself by herself. Everyone needs that moment in life to sit there and think, ‘Who am I as a person, who am I without everyone around me? How can I really love myself?,'” Brown began about her Stranger Things character.

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The Stranger Things star then continued on to share her opinions about how El might continue to grow. “I don’t know if she knows how to do that yet. So I would like an arc for Eleven to learn how to love herself and learn who she is, which is hard in the circumstances she’s in. I think that she needs a little self-journey,” Brown said eloquently in a recent interview with Elle.

What’s next for 011

It’s great that Brown has such high hopes for her character and that we can see her feminist beliefs shine through. It would be great to see who Eleven is when she’s left to her own devices and not dependant on a male. We love that El has had such a strong arc on the show and we’d love to see her continue to grow and evolve.