Millie Bobby Brown in the MCU? Fans Think She Could Nail a Lesser-Known ‘X-Men’ Role

Millie Bobby Brown has been one of the many stars whose careers have blown up thanks to Stranger Things, and now, Marvel fans think that she’d be perfect for a certain role.

Brown became famous for her portrayal of Eleven, a girl with psychic powers in Stranger Things, and so naturally, fans think that she could very well play an X-Men. Disney only recently bought the rights to the X-Men, so it could be a long time before the X-Men show up in the MCU.

That hasn’t stopped fans from thinking about who could play what though, and fans think that Brown can be a great Kitty Pryde. Here’s a look at who Kitty Pryde is and why some Marvel fans want Millie Bobby Brown to play the role. 

Who is Kitty Pryde?

Kitty Pryde has been a part of the X-Men for a long time, but like Marvel fans discussed on Reddit, she’s rarely the most important character in the comics. In the Fox-era X-Men movies, Kitty was played by Elliot Page, and her mutant powers were by and large faithful to the comics. 

Her mutant powers allow her to pass through things at will, though in Days of Future Past, her powers have evolved to allow her to send people back in time. This was a very important evolution of her mutant powers, as otherwise, the whole movie couldn’t have happened without it. 

Powers aside though, like Marvel fans talked about, she also brings a different perspective to the X-Men, as she’s usually portrayed as either a young girl or a young woman. That perspective is in contrast to the fact that most X-Men are adults, and this allows her to be a more playful and youthful character than most of the other X-Men are. 

Why Millie Bobbie Brown is perfect for the role

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Off the bat, like many Marvel fans talked about, Brown could be perfect for the role simply because she’s one of the best young actors right now. Marvel could always choose to portray an older Kitty, but that wouldn’t be ideal for most fans. As such, since Brown is still a young girl, she’ll likely still be in the ideal age range for Kitty when Marvel finally decides to introduce her into the MCU. 

Additionally, like Marvel fans said, Brown showed off her acting chops in Enola Holmes, and she showed that she could play characters that were more cheerful and fun than Eleven was in Stranger Things. Since Kitty is typically portrayed as a character who’s more outgoing than not, Enola Holmes basically showed Marvel fans that Brown could play Kitty really well. 

Why Millie Bobbie Brown may not be great for the role

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner

That being said, many Marvel fans are skeptical about this casting idea. While Marvel fans like Brown as an actor, many Marvel fans think that she’s simply too popular for the role. Since Kitty is typically a side character, it’s unlikely that Marvel will use Kitty that much in the movies. 

As such, it may not be a good idea to cast such a great actor like Brown in a role where she wouldn’t have much to do. However, Marvel fans have solutions to this problem. While Kitty isn’t typically an important character in the comics or the movies, in Days of Future Past, she was exactly that. And like Marvel fans talked about, that storyline, both in the comics and in the movies, was generally well-received.

Because of that, it’s possible that Marvel will give Kitty a bigger role in the movies if Brown gets the job. Kitty doesn’t need to be the leader of the X-Men, but she could easily have more screen time than she did in the Fox-era X-men movies.