Millie Bobby Brown’s First ‘Stranger Things’ Kiss Was Actually Her First Kiss Ever

The psychological aspects to growing up on a film set are still largely unexplored, even if we’ve seen many documentaries and books from former child actors about this plight. While some stories are positive, others aren’t, creating continual controversy whether it’s healthy for preteens to become working actors so fast.

From all appearances, the kids on Stranger Things have handled a similar trajectory very well. Millie Bobby Brown is one of the standouts as we’ve all seen. With her stardom already shining brighter than everyone else in the cast, there might have been one personal cost to getting there.

Part of that comes from not being able to have normal teen relationships, including having a first-time kiss. According to Brown, her kiss on the show was her first.

Millie Bobby Brown’s first kiss took place on ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In a recent People Magazine interview, Brown says she can still recall her first kiss, though it ultimately happened with one of her actor friends. If you watch Stranger Things, then you know Brown’s Eleven character is close with Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler.

Both were seen smooching in the final episode of Season One, and again at the end of Season Two. Brown was only 11 then and hadn’t had any experience with kissing in real life yet. Wolfhard reportedly said he’d kissed before, even if Brown thought he was making it up to look more mature.

While not all kids experience a kiss by 11, you have to wonder how many real-life experiences like this Brown missed out on because of so much time spent filming the show. Reports are she’s had a couple of boyfriends beyond declaring the Stranger Things set her “home.”

Millie Bobby Brown hopes to have a private life

It’s looking likely we’ll see Brown and the rest of the cast be back for the fourth season of Stranger Things. None of that is confirmed yet, but she’ll probably be a part of the show until she’s almost a young adult.

Outside of her being one of the most influential stars in the world now, we can only hope she’ll have time to develop real relationships before the show ends. Having your only teen kiss experienced in the world of fiction could become confusing after a while to a point where reality seems like a world away.

Since Brown is involved in a lot of other things — including being the youngest UNICEF ambassador in history — she undoubtedly understands reality. However, being as busy as she is, she’s already had to break up with two boyfriends from within the confines of the entertainment industry.

Can Brown ultimately stay sane with the knowledge her entire teen years will be spent on a popular Netflix show?

Can Millie Bobby Brown be a child actor unscathed by fame?

So many child stars have ended up in very bad places after spending time in what many would deem happy places on film/TV sets. More than a few of those young actors grew up and became severely depressed from lack of work, leading to suicide. Those worst-case scenarios are far too uniform throughout Hollywood’s history.

At least there are a few exceptions to this, including some child actors still acting today with full sanity. Most of this category may be reserved nowadays for those participating in reality shows who can’t seem to survive beyond them without seeking constant media attention.

We all know Brown is a lot different than the typical actress. Considering she has a strong family support system, plus close friendships on the Stranger Things set, she has everything to survive stardom in her teen years.

If fame is fleeting as an adult, though, let’s hope she can apply the British stiff upper lip to realizing her teen years had more kisses in 1980s Hawkins, Indiana than 2010s reality.