Millie Bobby Brown’s Most Inspirational Instagram Posts

Since her rise to fame as Eleven on Stranger Things, we’ve seen Millie Bobby Brown grow up right before our eyes. It’s hard to believe she’s only 14 years old, given her crazy talents (like her rap skills) and effortlessly cool fashion taste.

However, her most admirably mature trait is how she uses her Instagram to send inspirational messages to her followers. Whether she’s supporting a good cause or simply advocating for kindness, Brown not only prove her goodwill, but she pushes her followers to do the same. Here are seven of her most inspirational Instagram posts.

1. She’s an advocate for UNICEF

Millie Bobby Brown for UNICEF
Millie Bobbie Brown is a partner of UNICEF. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

Brown is an advocate for UNICEF, a program that works to protect and fight for children’s rights globally. In this Instagram video, Brown not only makes us smile, but spreads awareness by challenging her followers to make a difference on World Children’s Day.

After a few outtakes, she urges, “November 20th. World Children’s Day. Now the ball is in your court.”

2. She’s helping all girls get an education

Millie Bobby Brown sits in a pink crop top while advocating for ONE Campaign
She’s advocating for girls to get an education. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

It’s never too early to become a feminist. Working with the ONE Campaign non-profit organization, she incites her followers to “join the count” in helping all girls get the education they are entitled to.

She wrote, “Today is International Day of the Girl — but 130M girls didn’t go to school today. 130M girls won’t go to school tomorrow. This must change. I’m working with @ONECampaign to make sure all #GirlsCount.”

3. She stands up against bullies

An anti-bullying message from Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown posted this message against bullying. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

Brown won’t stand for bullying, and she doesn’t want you to, either. The #StandUpToBullying campaign goes one step beyond anti-bullying by encouraging people to switch from being a bystander to an “upstander.” Even if you’re not involved, Brown wants you to make yourself involved by speaking up when others are getting bullied.

She wrote, “Bullying is not okay. Internet bullying is becoming a big problem as well, please don’t sit in silence when you witness someone being bullied.” It’s easier to ignore the problem if you’re not the one being bullied, so Brown’s post is surely eye-opening for many.

4. ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’

Millie Bobby Brown points up while wearing a white shirt and a black skirt
Millie Bobby Brown encourages happiness. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

With a simple quote from Audrey Hepburn, Brown sends a reminder that happiness is your most attractive feature. It’s clearly a feeling she holds close to her heart, as back in October 2016, she revealed why she didn’t care about cutting her hair to play Eleven on Stranger Things:

I wasn’t worried about my hair at all. I don’t care what I look like; it’s how people think of me. And I do care how people think of me. I want people to say, “Oh, she’s nice,” rather than, “Oh, she’s so pretty.” Yes, it’s hard for anybody to go through something like that, but it’s harder for someone to go through a disease like alopecia or cancer, losing their hair without any choice.

5. She doesn’t take life for granted

Millie Bobby Brown hugs a blonde girl
Millie Bobby Brown reminds everyone to show affection for their loved ones. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

Proving yet again just how big of a heart she has, Brown reminded her followers to never take life for granted. Along with this sweet embrace, Brown wrote in her caption, “These moments make me grateful for everything I have.”

She continued, “Give your friend or family a hug. Don’t take things for granted because in this life it can get taken away.”

6. She’s all about girl empowerment

A photo of Millie Bobby Brown standing in front of microphone with two other girls
Millie Bobby Brown advocates for female empowerment. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

Brown was definitely part of the “It” crowd at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, but not in a “you can’t sit with us” kind of way. Standing beside Maddie Ziegler and Grace VanderWaal, Brown’s goal was to send the message of lifting up fellow young ladies.

Her Instagram post read, “Girl empowerment is what I wanted to represent and for me tonight was about celebrating a youthful generation with a talented singer songwriter and an incredible dancer and actor.”

7. She spreads messages of kindness

A photo of a magazine cover of Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown encourages kindness. | Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram

With 10.2 million followers and counting, Brown could very reasonably make her Instagram all about herself. Even when she posts a glam shot on the cover of a magazine, she takes it as an opportunity to spread an inspirational message to her followers. Kindness is definitely gangster, and we’re sure her post influenced someone out there to be nicer to others.

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