‘Million Dollar Listing’: Fans Think Heather Altman Overreacted to Fredrik Eklund’s L.A. Move

During a dramatic scene on Million Dollar Listing New York, brokers Fredrik Eklund and Heather Altman exchange barbs after Altman says she found out about Eklund’s move through a company-wide email.

During an event, Altman admonishes Eklund for not sharing that he was opening an office in Los Angeles since they are all friends. “Josh and you are friends,” she says to Eklund. “We’re all friends. When we come to New York we all go out to dinner. You guys come here we all go out to dinner.”

Heather Altman, Fredrik Eklund
Heather Altman, Fredrik Eklund |Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

She continues by saying they were blindsided about Eklund’s announcement to move to Los Angeles, especially since he never personally shared the news with the Altmans. Eklund claims he did, but Altman is visibly angry and perhaps hurt.

Could this be a new rivalry?

Altman becomes more emotional as she talks, asking Eklund why he didn’t tell the couple first. She then says the move was “shady and slimy” and that seems to trigger Eklund. “It’s just bizarre,” Altman says. “Your reaction is bizarre,” Eklund responds. In a confessional Eklund says he would have personally told the Altmans if he knew this was the reaction he was going to receive. He adds that his focus has been on the sluggish New York market, breaking the news to his brother about the move and fatherhood.

Altman asserts that perhaps there is an ulterior motive involved with the move. But when Eklund asks what is the motive Altman says, “I have no clue, you tell me?” Is it to “take over the market?” Altman insists her husband is not concerned about Eklund having a team in Los Angeles.

But then Altman says, “He’s the number one agent in Douglas Elliman.” To which Eklund interjects, “Well, not Douglas Elliman, because I am. He is in California.” The bottom line, Altman feels as though Eklund crossed them. “When you’re on the bad side of Josh it’s like you’re f**ked,” Altman warns.

Was her reaction warranted?

After the interaction, Eklund shares the encounter with brokers James Harris, David Parnes, and Tracy Tutor. The Los Angeles based brokers laugh it off and soften the mood.

Neither Eklund or Altman have made additional comments about the exchange. However, when Altman shared that The Altman Brothers opened an office in San Francisco, fans had plenty to say about the moment on her Instagram post. Many of the comments backed Eklund’s surprise to Altman’s reaction.

One person summed up many of the responses. “You must’ve been screwed over by a lot of friends to automatically assume frederik had an ulterior motive. Why can’t it just be that he didn’t realize it was an issue and that you’d be excited to have him? People make mistakes. To act the way u did without allowing him to explain was beyond ridiculous. Friends cut friends a little slack.” Another person reminded fans about the falling out she had with broker Madison Hildebrand too.

But a few people thought Eklund should have been more thoughtful. “Fredrik. Doesn’t get it. Maybe Josh should open up agency in New York,” one person suggested. “Maybe then Frederick will understand!!” Either way, does this set up a new rivalry for Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles? Stay tuned.