‘Million Dollar Listing’: Fredrik Eklund’s Twins Call a Picture of a House ‘Work’

Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing New York showed how far his twins Freddy Jr. and Milla have come. The adorable toddlers recently celebrated their second birthday and Eklund shared a teaching moment with his kids on Instagram.

Like many parents, Eklund loves to interact with his children and find ways to help to enhance their growth and development. He often plays with them and recently played a flashcard game with them.

Fredrik Eklund
Fredrik Eklund| Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Eklund shows the children flashcards that include a picture and word on each card. The twins have no problem identifying each picture as Eklund rips through the deck. But when he gets to the flashcard of a house, the twins seem a little stumped. Until Milla realizes that to her, the house means “daddy’s work.”

The word ‘house’ means ‘work’ to Milla

Although the only just turned two, Freddy Jr. and Milla are already able to identify a slew of images. Eklund pulls out a card with a fox (and the word “fox” written underneath it). Freddy Jr. quickly says, “Fox!” He also quickly identified a ball too.

Eklund shows Milla a picture of a bicycle and she sweetly says, “Cycle!” Eklund immediately seems to melt. He also shows the twins a picture of a heart. Freddy Jr. says, “Heart! Heart!” Eklund shares that he uses the heart when he says he loves them. “I heart you,” Eklund says. But then Freddy exclaims, “Fart!” Eklund says, “No, not fart, heart!”

He continues to go through the deck of cards, with the twins identifying one item after another. But then he gets to a picture of a house. “This is what dada sells when I go to work,” Eklund enthusiastically exclaims showing the children a picture of a house. The twins seem a little stumped. Until Milla points at the card with a chubby finger and says, “Work.”

The twins are enjoying life in L.A. too

Eklund’s twins and husband Derek Kaplan seem to be settling in since moving to Los Angeles, California. He shares family photos on Instagram. “So much to explore in Cali when you’re 21 months,” he shared along with a photo in August.

He also shared a video that melted fans’ hearts of his twins playing and joyfully laughing. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world (listen to her laughter ) – dreams do come true,” he wrote. Eklund, Kaplan, and twins also spent family time with the Josh Altman and family from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Heather Altman and Eklund had an altercation when Eklund initially moved to Los Angeles. But the fight seems to be water under the bridge as the families recently enjoyed an evening together. He tagged an Instagram story photo, “Family reunion.” The parents and babies are sitting on a couch and Eklund added, “and a LOT of kids.” Plus Eklund’s daughter and Altman’s daughter are now fast friends.  “Lexi [Altman] and Milla [Eklund] are now best friends.”