‘Million Dollar Listing’: How Has Luis and Ronita’s Relationship Changed?

When Million Dollar Listing New York fans met Luis D. Ortiz‘s assistant Ronita Kalra, she was still learning the business and getting her feet wet.

She was always Ortiz’s sounding board and was sorry to see Ortiz step away from real estate when he decided to move to France. But now that Ortiz has returned, the wide-eyed assistant has made some changes. Major changes.

Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Ortiz was away, Kalra maintained his accounts and carried the business using his Rolodex of clients. During an early episode, he revealed he still collected a percentage of her sales while he was away. But now that he is back, their business relationship has changed. Kalra has been running the show for some time and Ortiz is having to adjust.

They are a real estate team now

Before Ortiz left, Kalra held the role of assistant. That role has changed as they are now business partners. According to the Douglas Elliman Real Estate site, the brokers are, The Luis D. Ortiz & Ronita Kalra Team.

Kalra’s profile shows that she’s now a force to be reckoned with in the Manhattan market. “For the last 6 years Ronita Kalra has been Luis Ortiz’s ‘right hand,'” according to her bio. “The duo have grown to establish a successful professional partnership that allows them excel at catering to buyers, sellers and investors across Manhattan. Ronita’s energy and passion shine through in her work, as she thrives on being well organized and responsive to ensure her clients’ success.”

The team now includes five brokers, including Kalra and Ortiz. Kalra is getting rave reviews from clients too. “I cannot say enough great things about Ronita! As first time buyers, she helped my wife and I navigate every step of the process,” one buyer wrote. “From thinking about the right neighborhoods to dealing with mortgages and financing, Ronita and her team were on the ball. It went exceptionally well, and having her in our corner made us confident the entire time. If you are looking for a broker, Ronita and her team should be your top choice.”

Transitions are not always easy

When Ortiz returned, Kalra reminded him she ran the show when he was gone. She’s no longer his assistant, but instead a broker and wanted to continue that relationship.

Their business relationship is tested when the team shows a new property. During the open house, Ortiz enthusiasm takes over as he springs into action. He thinks all is well but Kalra seems to be stuffed back into the assistant position. She discusses with him that he monopolized the showing, putting her in a supportive role. He admits his enthusiasm took over and tells her to be more assertive as he still sees her as his assistant.

Ortiz takes it all in and makes big changes for the next broker’s open. He allows Kalra to work the room as he looks on proudly. Kalra beautifully shows the apartment and offers her final thoughts. During the presentation, Ortiz refers to Kalra as his business partner, which makes them both smile.