‘Million Dollar Listing’: Is This ‘SNL’ Skit About Josh Altman or Josh Flagg?

Saturday Night Live has dipped into the reality world of Bravo on a number of occasions. From Real Housewives reunions to Cecily Strong’s killer take on Erika Jayne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A parody on SNL for most Bravo cast members means you have officially arrived.

Although SNL has flicked at the Housewives franchise, the show recently gave a nod to another Bravo series. The show parodied what it could be like to take a free SoulCycle class during instructor auditions. Each prospective instructor is more ridiculous than the next. “I have an addiction to pushing myself,” one instructor yells. “And cocaine! Because I don’t believe in giving up!”

Josh Flagg and Josh Altman
Josh Flagg and Josh Altman | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

As the segment moves through instructors, Trix (Heidi Gardner) seems to maybe look a little familiar? The blonde, fit instructor shares her story, plus reveals who she is dating from Million Dollar Listing. Well … maybe.

Is she Heather Altman?

The smiling instructor shares she was bullied in high school for “being too tall, too thin, too pretty.” Adding, “They called me ‘Model girl’ or ‘Hey, model,'” she shares looking pained. “But I wasn’t a model! Yet … and how do you think that made me feel?” One of the students in the class shakes his head. “Good?” he says shrugging.

Trix confidently says that the group is here to lift each other up and suggests turning to the person next to them and complimenting one part of their body. “Be specific,” she says as the audience roars with laughter. She adds with a smile. “And look at me now! My boyfriend is one of the Josh’s from Million Dollar Listing … let’s ride!”

The sketch, especially Trix, resonated with not only Million Dollar Listing fans but two cast members in particular. The Los Angeles-based cast has two cast members named Josh with both thinking the moment was about himself.

Which Josh (Altman or Flagg) is it about?

Josh Altman shared the clip on Instagram and ended up exchanging some fun banter with his wife. “Big shout out to one of the best shows of all time, Saturday Night Live,” he wrote. “Such an honor to be mentioned in one of SNLs hilarious skits. We are still guessing whether or not the instructor was @theheatheraltman? Maybe we should actually come in for a @soulcycle try out, not that either one of us would make it through a class. Lol. 🤣”

Altman’s wife, Heather added, “That’s BS @thejoshaltman! I [rode] circles around you! 😂” A fan commented, “Oh look Heather and Josh are cutting up each other on IG.”

While Trix seemed to probably be a take on Heather Altman, broker Josh Flagg enjoyed the moment and took a little ownership too. Flagg also shared the clip. “When your name is mentioned in an SNL sketch, you know you’ve made it. Thanks for the shoutout @nbcsnl,” he wrote. A fan hilariously responded, “Does that mean Josh is cheating on Heather? 🤔” Another added, “Altman already claimed it days ago. Flagg’s a little late to the party 🤣.”