‘Million Dollar Listing’: Josh Flagg and PK Kemsley from ‘RHOBH’ Prank David Parnes Over Party Invite

Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and PK Kemsley from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills decided to have a little holiday fun at broker David Parnes’ expense.

Flagg thought it would be funny to make Parnes choose between attending his or Kemsley’s holiday party. Kemsley and Flagg teamed up to make sure they strategically called Parnes with their invite. They then sat back to watch him squirm.

David Parnes, Josh Flagg, James Harris
David Parnes, Josh Flagg, James Harris |Vivian Zink/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Parnes ultimately had to make a hard decision and later Flagg shared the hilarious text exchange between the trio. Flagg revealed the prank on Instagram.

The two set up Parnes

Flagg shared a video and post to Instagram. “Pranking @davidbondst with the ultimate test of friendship: Making him choose between my holiday party or @paul_kemsley_pl & @doritkemsley 👉 Swipe to see this hilarious exchange.” Flagg shot his first video from a parking garage and revealed he is going to play a practical joke on Parnes.

As he walked through the parking garage, Flagg told fans he and Kemsley were going to mess with Parnes by inviting him to their individual Christmas parties on the same night. He joked about forcing Parnes to show his best friend allegiance by making him choose between the two friends.

Flagg’s next video is his phone call to Parnes. “I’m sitting here at Crustacean at a private party,” Flagg says as he looks around while leaving Parnes a voicemail. “Anyway, Saturday, don’t forget six o’clock … we’re having our party at our house.” He says everyone is excited to see Parnes. Flagg lays it on thick too, telling Parnes they’d been planning the party for an entire year, he wants Parnes (and he can bring the wife) to sleep over. Plus he gushes that he adores Parnes too.

Cue Kemsley for the invite next

Flagg also tells Parnes that he heard he was invited to Kemsley’s party, but that he knows Parnes would never choose Kemsley’s party over his. Cue Kemsley’s call. He too calls Parnes from the same restaurant sharing that he bumped into Flagg. His party is the same night, same time. He too really goes for it, telling Parnes he really needs him at his party, plus the holiday party will be somewhat of a house warming too. The Kemsley’s recently moved into a new home.

Next, Flagg shares the crazy text exchange with Kemsley and Parnes. The conversation gets a little heated as Parnes tries to explain to Kemsley he has to attend Flagg’s party. Flagg and Kemsley attack each other in the exchange, calling each other names and getting dramatic. Flagg ends up telling Kemsley he’d never be invited to his party even if “he came by the door starving of thirst I wouldn’t let you in.”

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Parnes watches the exchange, likely worried that a war has started between the two. In the end, he realizes he’s been punked. “You big baby Flaggle! 😂😘,” he wrote. Partner James Harris commented, “Hahahahahaha brilliant.” Comedian Heather McDonald shared what she would do in the same situation. “I would go to Josh Flagg’s first and then to Dorit’s bathroom for a Snow White pick me up. JK.”