‘Million Dollar Listing:’ Ryan Serhant Gives Fans a Peek Inside His $200,000 Season Finale Bash

Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing New York likes to throw an end of the season bash. While he usually pulls out all the stops, this year he went over the top on both party production and budget.

Serhant shared a peek inside how the party was planned, designed and executed. His team shot footage of the party itself, giving fans an inside look into nearly every aspect of the extravagant party.

Ryan Serhant
Ryan Serhant | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During the planning stages, Serhant kicked around ideas about how to top last year’s party. His stream of consciousness took him to JFK Airport where he could charter a jet. Then fill the jet with people, drop them off in Dubai. But then he would return home, sleep and get up so he could work out. Um …?

Halloween provided the perfect setting

Million Dollar Listing New York season eight finale happened to land on Halloween this year. So Serhant next suggested renting out the allegedly haunted Bowery Hotel for the event. Plus, a Halloween themed party provided the perfect opportunity for one thing Serhant loves to do … dress up. Cue the costume reel.

Serhant describes his vision of a giant pumpkin and Tim Burton inspired stilt walker dancers. “We get tons of food because people get the munchies, tons of drinks because people like to drink,” he excitedly describes. “Everyone will need to dress up. We should do a step and repeat that’s not a normal step and repeat.” Instead, designers position chairs and mirrors on a wall so it gives a very “Haunted Mansion” feel. He also envisions a wall of gold skulls along with a person dressed in gold skull makeup too.

He also wants the room covered in pumpkins, candles, and cobwebs. “Last thing though, don’t spend too much money,” Serhant says to assistant Jordan Hurt. “I don’t want this to completely bankrupt me. Like, it’s just a party. Just a couple of hours. No reason to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Looks like the trick is on Ryan

A party of this magnitude can’t be thrown on a Party City budget. Hurt and the team pull out all the stops. “I was confident that Jordan and Yolanda could pull this off,” Serhant says. He says after calls, emails and sponsors the party was ready to go.

But here’s the problem. “Wait, max capacity is only 500?” Serhant calls to his team when he reads about the venue. He looks panicked as they invited more than one thousand people. Cameras follow the team preparing the rooms for the party as decorations go up.

The expected guest list reached 1,200 people. Meanwhile back at Serhant’s home, he is getting ready. His wife Emilia and daughter Zena planned to be bumblebees. He has a costume but ends up going to the party dressed as Superman. Serhant is seen outside the venue waiting for guests dressed as Superman as he eagerly anticipates his guests. The room fills with guests and brokers as Serhant rushes to greet as many friends as possible. He gives a speech during the party remarking how this party is the biggest he’s ever done.