‘Million Dollar Listing’: Tyler Whitman Reveals Season 8 Is Going to Be a Wild Ride

It’s another beautiful day in the Million Dollar Listing New York neighborhood as a new “neighbor” and broker, Tyler Whitman makes his debut splash on the show.

Whitman brings new sparkle and intrigue to the show as the hot young broker in the Manhattan market threatening to give the tenured cast a run for their money. Literally.

Fredrik Eklund, Tyler Whitman
Fredrik Eklund, Tyler Whitman|Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Whitman chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about how he was recruited to be on the show, what surprises he encountered and how the luxury apartment landscape has changed dramatically this year. He knows Million Dollar Listing fans are no shrinking violets so he offered no holds barred insight into what it takes to make it on the show.

He backed into an interesting opportunity

Rather than seeking his spot in the Bravo limelight, Whitman actually fell into the role. “It was a random series of events that happened,” he shared. “One of the agents on my team actually started auditioning and she needed someone to bolster the business.”

So she asked Whitman to audition with her. He adds that throughout the process he and the agent, who happens to also be a close friend had a running joke that perhaps Bravo was “catfishing” them and the opportunity wasn’t actually real.

Tyler Whitman
Tyler Whitman | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Then I would say I don’t think they are actually interested in us,” he laughs. “The next thing I knew I had a screen test, then a phone call. I was like this would really be next level catfish.” He adds that the process was fast too. The next thing he knew was he had cameras trailing him.

He found this aspect of filming to be surprising

Filming a reality show like Million Dollar Listing is a little different than what perhaps the Real Housewives or even the Below Deck cast encounters. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles alum Madison Hildebrand told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that agents have to consider whether the client will agree to be on the show and manage aspects of production in addition to the stressful environment of making a sale.

Whitman was actually pleasantly surprised at how well he gelled with the new role. “The biggest surprise for me was how easy it was,” he said. “I do a lot of video marketing for work. So for me to be myself on camera was pretty easy at that point.”

But he wondered how his clients would be received. Whitman says he has fun and quirky clients. “Would they be fun and quirky on camera or are they going to be shy and scared,” he wondered. “The crew does a really great job of making you feel like they’re not there. And making everybody feel safe and comfortable. So I think you are going to see really authentic sides of everybody I worked with.”

He promises some good TV for viewers

Whitman says viewers should buckle up for a fun ride. “I have a lot of clients going through a lot of real-life and we definitely show that,” he shares. “I would also consider myself one of the nicer of the cast members, but the kitty has claws.”

Having a sharp set of claws is important especially in a softening market. Viewers have watched in awe as the Million Dollar Listing brokers racked up a string of multi-million dollar sales over the past few years. This year … not so much. “[The market] has been on a slow decline for about three years now,” he says.

“The last year is when we’ve really felt the squeeze,” he continues. “There’s a lot of supply in New York City because so many of these developers built these high rises. Now we have brand new product competing with older resale product.” Sellers have to be priced very competitively, which may end up being a challenge for the brokers.

Viewers should also be ready for some over-the-top trademark marketing. “I definitely pull a lot of exciting rabbits out of the hat,” he laughs.

Get ready for rabbits and more on Million Dollar Listing: New York on Thursday, August 1, at 9/8c, only on Bravo.