‘Million Dollar Listing’: Tyler Whitman Shares an Emotional Thanksgiving Message

Tyler Whitman, Million Dollar Listing New York‘s dynamic new broker shared an emotional Thanksgiving message with his Whole30 Facebook group.

In October, Whitman invited fans to join him on a health and wellness journey for the month of November. He chose the Whole30 plan in an effort to detoxify and nurture his body. At the same time, he invited the online community to join him and he created a special group.

Tyler Whitman
Tyler Whitman |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Whitman posted live videos almost daily, plus he invited Whole30 founder Melissa Hartwig to engage with the group during one of his videos too. On Thanksgiving, he posted another video and remarked that he hadn’t been posting as many videos lately. He’s been reflecting on his life and taking some moments to become “beautifully introspective.”

Whitman is taking stock of his life

He says he’s been in the zone with the Whole30 program but has recently been thinking about his personal life and what is important. “I’ve been taking some personal moments,” he says in a live video to the group. “I hope you don’t mind. I hope maybe you’ve done the same thing.”

Whitman adds, “Gratitude has been a huge practice in my life. It’s been a huge part of the entire journey. And some of it has really kept me focused. Every single morning, when I wake up, I’ve been doing this for about three years now, I write down 10 things that I’ve grateful for, and I try to do it as rapidly as possible.”

Some things he’s grateful for consistently make the list. “One of the things that is almost always on the list is my health. And I think a lot of people take their health for granted. Especially, you don’t really check in with it until you don’t have your health.”

He recalls when he didn’t have his health

Whitman says when you don’t have your health, you realize that being healthy is such a gift. “Specifically for me, growing up extremely overweight, and having the journey I’ve had through life, and coming to New York as an overweight gay man. And having to be in that community. That was always something that I despised.”

“There was something that I was so angry about. And I felt like I was being so held back. And today, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot this year, is how grateful I am for the health journey that I’ve been on. The battle with obesity taught me so many things, so many important things I use in my life today.”

“Once upon a time I thought being obese was such a curse,” he says. “And it has turned into the greatest gift of my life. And has given me such a story to tell. It’s the reason I’m on Million Dollar Listing. They loved the health story. It’s the reason I’m here with all of you because we’re sharing this health journey. Honestly, when I look even at my business, the way I practice my business is through so much that I learned through the perseverance of struggling with weight loss. And coming back and not giving up. While it was not an easy journey, it’s been the best journey. And I’m so thankful for it. And today especially I’m thankful for it.”