‘Million Dollar Listing’: Tyler Whitman Shares Exciting News About a Client Featured on the Show

When it comes to selling homes, broker Tyler Whitman from Million Dollar Listing New York says that honesty is the best policy.

One of Whitman’s first clients on the show was a young family trying to move into a new space. While their apartment was gorgeous, it was filled with toddler and baby-friendly decor and accessories.

Tyler Whitman, Fredrik Eklund
Tyler Whitman, Fredrik Eklund |Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Buyers were having a tough time picturing themselves in the space. Whitman had to have a tough talk with the seller, suggesting perhaps they move into a temporary space while they tried to sell their home. He thought perhaps his team could stage the property to have more of a neutral appeal.

While the suggestion was one way for the seller to move their property, it was too stressful for the seller to relocate her children twice for the sale. Instead of pushing the client, Whitman saw the stress in the seller’s face and told her they’d revisit the sale when she felt ready.

The apartment is in contract!

Whitman’s patience paid off. He announced on Instagram that his sellers were in contract. “As a broker, I often have to give really tough advice to people going through stressful decisions,” he wrote. “If you have been watching this season of Million Dollar Listing New York, I told my buyers Brian and Jillian that our best shot to get them the best price for their home was to take it off the market until they moved out. Then we would stage it (a mega investment) and sell it!”

But then Whitman shared this wonderful news. “I am thrilled to report that 30 days after executing on my advice, we are in contract with a lovely buyer for this incredible home. I couldn’t be happier for the new owner, and couldn’t be more grateful for Brian and Jillian trusting our advice and winning in this hard market!”

Whitman’s Instagram followers applauded the sale and his advice.
“That was excellent advice,” one person remarked. “Timing is everything and it clearly worked best when they were ready to vacate and allow the staging to do its magic. ✨ Way to go!” Someone who is close to Whitman added, “Oh my gosh!! So proud of you!! Mark and I are constantly amazed at how compassionate you are – a unicorn in your field!!!”

More tough honesty from Whitman

Whitman had to give another tough talk to a buyer in a clip. He pitched for a new client and she wasn’t thrilled with the price he suggests. When he tells her he wants to list her property just under $10 million, she grimaces. “Wow, other people are telling us that they can sell this at $12 [million],” she says.

Whitman explains in a confessional that he did some deep research to ensure he could offer her a competitive list price, but one that would allow her to actually move her property.

When she pushes back he explains why she shouldn’t list at a price that is too high. “If you let it sit on the market for six or 12 months at the wrong price, people are going to assume something is wrong with the apartment,” he explains. “And they are going to make even lower offers than the $10 million I’m telling you.”

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