‘Million Dollar Listing’: Why Were Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant Worried About Ramona Singer From ‘RHONY’?

When Ryan Serhant and Luis D. Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing New York decided to co-list an expansive apartment, they needed to do something smart and creative to get the buyers’ attention.

In a down market, the brokers needed to be creative. So they invited a group of socialites to preview the apartment, hoping either they or someone they know might be interested in throwing down some serious cash. One of the socialites on the guest list was Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Ramona Singer and Ryan Serhant
Ramona Singer and Ryan Serhant |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Serhant says in the episode he’s known Singer the longest from the cast. But when she makes her appearance on the show, Serhant and Ortiz know she’s going to be trouble.

‘Don’t cause trouble’

When Singer arrives she gives the brokers an air kiss hello. Ortiz remarks about how funny it was that they were kissing the air. Serhant responds they are air-kissing so they don’t mess up Singer’s make up. “We don’t want to mess up your makeup,” she quips back. As Ortiz laughs, Serhant jokes, “Don’t cause trouble.” He likely knows Singer can stir the pot.

As the brokers give the tour, Singer offers her own observations … rather loudly. She walks into the foyer and exclaims it has a lot of mirrors, which is getting her confused. “You know, normally I lead buyers around an open house,” Serhant says in a confessional.

Singer gets distracted and heads into the kitchen asking the chefs what’s for dinner. As part of the tour, Serhant has a lavish dinner prepared for the socialite guests at the apartment. She asks the chefs if the food has a lot of butter because she says she’s allergic to butter.

The brokers are getting nervous

Meanwhile, Serhant wonders what happened to Singer as Ortiz nervously looks for her. She’s in the kitchen sampling the food already. The tour appears to be going well, but Singer is starting to make negative comments about the space. She criticizes the kitchen, adding how she’d change the floor too. “The aesthetics of the place don’t reflect the price,” Ortiz shares with her.

But she insists she’s just giving them some feedback and what she did to sell her apartment. Serhant and Ortiz look concerned that perhaps other guests will hear her comments and get a negative feeling about the apartment. “Papi can’t handle Ramona,” Ortiz says laughing in a confessional. So the brokers silently make a plan to keep Singer away from the other guests.

Oritz takes Singer aside and soothes her with his charm. He continues to ask for her opinions, while Serhant tours the rest of the guests. She keeps going, discussing how she’s not into the color scheme.” This looks kind of old and dated,” she exclaims. Serhant says in a confessional, “Luis is actually coming in clutch right now. He’s keeping Ramona off to the side so that not everyone else can hear her complain. So she doesn’t influence what everybody else thinks.” Before the party, Serhant gives Ortiz a hard time for being absent leading up to the party. But now that he’s being Singer’s personal tour guide, he jokes that he’s putting in twice the amount of work.