Milo Ventimiglia Brought the Best Dates to the 2019 Emmys

This Is Us star, Milo Ventimiglia, has to be one of the most coveted dates in Emmy history. Turns out, there are two people who turned down Ventimiglia two years ago. Who would do such a thing to America’s beloved Jack Pearson?

Why did Milo Ventimiglia’s dates decline in previous years?

Milo Ventimiglia at the 2019 Emmys
Milo Ventimiglia at the 2019 Emmys | Leon Bennett/WireImage

The actor best known for making fans cry week after week for his portrayal as Jack Pearson on This Is Us hasn’t been able to snag his most coveted dates for the Emmys — until now.

Cast members of the show brought supportive partners, spouses, and friends, as they dazzled on the red carpet. Milo has 14 total nominations and five wins, with six of those nominations for his work as Papa Pearson on the hit drama.

Other awards he’s walked away with are a Screen Actors Guild Award with his ensemble and an MTV Movie & TV Award for Tearjerker (obviously).

The two special dates Milo brought declined before not because it’s not a great accomplishment, but because maybe the limelight isn’t where they feel most comfortable. That is until Jimmy Kimmel laid on the pressure.

Who did Milo Ventimiglia take to the 2019 ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’?

Milo brought his parents, Peter and Carol. “They’ve declined the invite two years ago, so this is the year they said they wanted to be here,” Milo told reporters on the red carpet. His nomination for Outstanding Performance By a Lead Actor in a Drama Series is a big deal for the family.

His parents admit they felt “embarrassed on national television” after Kimmel commented on “turning down” Milo’s offers before. Kimmel and Milo joked on his late-night show in 2017 about Peter’s excitement over a food holiday — more so than Milo’s nomination.

“It was National French Fry Day, and so he talked about National French Fry Day,” Milo explained. “Then he caught hell about posting about National French Fry Day.”

This year, they showed up. “It was the right time, the right year, they’ve been excited and they’ve always been supportive of me,” Milo said. “To show them what this show is I think an experience.”

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“Very proud,” his parents said. As far as how Milo was growing up, Carol chimed in saying he was, “the best, no problem ever. He had to work twice as hard.”

“What she is trying to say is I wasn’t as naturally gifted or smart as the rest of the kids, but they put me in honors so I had to work doubly hard,” Milo said. Carol said the challenge was good for him.

Who are Carol and Peter Ventimiglia?

Peter and Carol are Milo’s role models, inspiring his life mantra, “lead with love.” In another red carpet interview, Milo’s parents spoke more of Milo’s childhood. Carol was a school teacher while Peter, a Vietnam war veteran, is said to be the inspiration for his role of Jack Pearson. Are you crying yet?

“We had a lot of Sunday night dinners,” Peter said. Milo added, “We spent a lot of time together as a family. I have two older sisters, and my parents raised the three of us with a lot of love and compassion.”

He commented how lucky he is to which Carol responded Milo was “the best dressed,” according to Carol. The woman has a good eye.

Milo said repeatedly through the night that Peter and Carol are “very loving people. “I can’t look at them too much, I’ll start crying,” he said.

“I think it’s something we need to be more aware of, with everything kind of separating as human beings, we need to give examples of coming together and showing love. It is such a strength to show love and in many different ways.”

Just when you think Milo isn’t anything like his fictional counterpart, Jack, he goes and says something like that. Swoons.

This Is Us premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.