Mindy Kaling Just Reacted To Criticism of Her Kids’ Names

As a public figure, there is a delicate balance between being transparent and open with fans and protecting your privacy. Mindy Kaling has been in the spotlight for over 15 years, and she’s pretty much been an open book about her experiences as a woman of color in Hollywood.

The Late Night actor has also been candid about her love life and her obsession with romantic comedies. However, the Cambridge-born actor has been a lot more private when it comes to protecting her children. She has a three-year-old daughter and a newborn son.

In fact, the Ocean’s 8 star had the perfect response to the criticism of her children’s names.

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling | Vera Anderson/WireImage

Mindy Kaling protects her children from the spotlight

Though many of us were first introduced to Kaling as Kelly on The Office and then for her work on The Mindy Project and in countless other shows, the Never Have I Ever creator deeply values her privacy.

Though she often posts photos of her daughter, Katherine, whom she calls Kit, she has never ever shown the little girl’s face on social media or anywhere else. Likewise, when Kaling was pregnant with her son Spencer earlier this year, no one ever knew.

However, it was never actually Kaling’s intention to keep her second pregnancy secret. With isolation and lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, things just worked out in her favor. “And then just being at home and taking photos, I’d largely just kind of shot around my pregnancy,” she told Elle. “Shot myself from the waist up and then also wore baggy things. I never got super huge, so it was a little bit easier.”

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Mindy Kaling will never reveal the identity of her kids’ father

Though Kaling has spoken openly about motherhood, including how Kit feels about being a big sister, she has not disclosed her kids’ father’s identity to the public.

“My feeling is that until I speak to my daughter about [her father], I’m not going to talk to anyone else about it,” she told The New York Times in 2019.

Still, rumors persist that B.J. Novak, Kaling’s best friend, and former boyfriend, is her children’s father. However, the actor/writer/creator has insisted that Novak is her children’s godfather and that she is raising her children as a single parent.

Mindy Kaling reacted to criticism that her kids names are ‘very Caucasian’

Though Kaling is very private when it comes to her kids, that hasn’t stopped people from asking fairly invasive questions. In fact, one fan recently questioned the 41-year-old about giving her kids “white” names as opposed to Indian ones.

“Not my business, but do your children have Indian middle names?” one follower commented on Instagram via Yahoo! Entertainment. “You are proud of your culture and I was wondering why the kids have very Caucasian names.”

Kaling took no offense saying, “They do!” She shared that Spencer’s middle name is Avu and Katherine’s is Swati, after her late mother.