Mindy Kaling Thought Writing This Episode of ‘The Office’ Was ‘a Doozy’

Mindy Kaling’s contributions to hit NBC documentary-style series, The Office, truly know no bounds. Not only did she light up the screen as the bubbly, man-crazed, customer service rep, Kelly Kapoor, she also did a great amount of work behind the scenes. Kaling’s contributions to the show quickly earned her a title of producer and she is, of course, is the writer behind some of the show’s best episodes. “Hot Girl”, “The Dundies”, and the iconic episode “The Injury” are just a few of the episodes that Kaling wrote for the show.

Mindy Kaling former writer for The Office
Mindy Kaling | Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images

But one of the most famous episodes that Kaling wrote throughout her tenure of The Office was undoubtedly the two-part episode “Niagra”, in which Jim and Pam finally tie the knot. Kaling confessed that she initially struggled to get started with writing the episode because she wasn’t sure about how to inject humor into the episode from the onset.

Mindy Kaling originally thought Niagra was a doozy

“I remember being assigned the wedding and thinking, ‘Wow, this is a doozy.’ A lot of episodes will have a funny hook at the beginning, but this one just has a really happy thing. The Office is built on awkward situations, but with the wedding episode, I was like, ‘There’s nothing inherently funny about two people very much in love getting married,'” Kaling shared jokingly in a recent interview with EW.


But things turned around for Kaling when Greg Daniels, creator of The Office, offered to co-write the show with her. From there, Kaling felt like she was given free reigns to explore this huge chapter in Jim and Pam’s love story. “It was a pretty fresh slate. When it became an hourlong episode, obviously there has to be so much more incident than a normal episode, so coming up with the different story lines to fill up the hour was pretty fun,” The Office alum recounted.

Kaling enjoyed developing storylines for the characers

What Kaling and Daniels really enjoyed exploring was how characters behaved when they weren’t in the office. One character that they had tons of fun with was accountant, Kevin Malone. “I remember Greg and I sitting at a café in Westwood and really spending most of the time talking about Kevin losing his shoes because his feet smelled so bad that they were thrown out at the hotel,” Kaling began.

“And then he had to wear tissue boxes on his feet. I think we ended up spending this entire session talking about the details behind how, not even that they were thrown away, but that they had to be destroyed as if they were toxic and could have hurt other people,” Kaling shared hilariously.

The Mindy Project star later confessed that she was sure that many people wouldn’t fully appreciate the humor of Kevin’s shoes, but she was thrilled that they got to include it. “No one besides us who wrote it and are comedy writers and are immature would think that part of it was so funny,” The Office alum shared.


A very ambitious episode

In fact, Kaling and Daniels were given lots of freedom to explore within this particular episode. “The episode was very ambitious for us. We obviously shot in a different state, but then we had the rehearsal dinner along with the other stuff, so logistically, for a show that is essentially a bottle show in the office, it was one of the biggest episodes that we’ve done,” the actress confessed. We’re glad that Kaling and Daniels opted to take the risks that they did with “Niagra.” The ambitious writing was one of the things that contributed to the episode being one of the best in nine seasons of The Office.