Miranda Lambert’s ACM Performance Proves She Might Not Be Over Blake Shelton

They say the opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s indifference. That’s because if you’re thinking about anyone too much — even in a negative way — it just points to a strong depth of feeling. And Miranda Lambert fans are starting to question if she might still secretly have some serious feelings for her ex-husband, Blake Shelton.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert | Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM

The 35-year-old songstress shocked everyone when she got married in a secret ceremony earlier this year. Miranda Lambert’s new husband is Brendan McLoughlin, a police officer from Staten Island. In other words – he’s about as different from Blake Shelton as you can get.

Lambert shared the news in an Instagram post, saying, “In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you, Brendan McLoughlin, for loving me for … me. #TheOne.”

Meanwhile, Shelton is in a serious romance with Voice co-star and Grammy-award winning musical talent Gwen Stefani. So even though he was just as surprised by his ex’s wedding as everyone else, most people assume he also doesn’t care.

What happened during Miranda Lambert’s ACM performance?

The most interesting thing about Miranda Lambert’s musical performance at the 2019 ACM awards show was the content. For her piece, Lambert created a compilation of break-up songs including “Little Red Wagon,” “Mama’s Broken Heart” and “Kerosene.” More than a few people raised their eyebrows when the singer crooned she wanted to “get the hell out of Oklahoma,” which is where she and Blake once lived together.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert | Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM

All of Miranda Lambert’s energy during the performance definitely seemed directed towards ex-husband Blake Shelton, not her new husband. You’d think a newly married woman would have stars in her eyes and want to focus on her new relationship, not stay stuck in the past getting revenge through angry lyrics. The whole thing is enough to make fans question if she still has feelings for her ex.

What did Blake Shelton think of Miranda Lambert’s performance?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019/FilmMagic for ACM

One thing fans didn’t see during Miranda Lambert’s breakup remix were shots of Blake Shelton’s reaction. The reason for this? He may not have seen it!

A source told InTouch that Blake and Gwen got up before Lambert’s performance and missed the whole thing. Weird coincidence? Possibly. Or maybe they intentionally missed her set to avoid the drama.

Still, it seems like a huge waste for her to put so much effort into conveying her emotions toward her ex-husband when he’s not even in the room.

Would Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton ever get back together?

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin
Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

There’s no guarantee that Miranda Lambert is still in love with Blake Shelton – she was seen snuggling her new husband on the red carpet at the ACM Awards and there are even rumors that the two might announce a pregnancy soon. That would explain the quickie wedding…

But even if she was still pining for Blake, he’s obviously head over heels for Gwen Stefani and wedding bells might be coming soon for them. Either way, the odds of these two getting back together are slim to none.