Miranda Sings, the YouTube Star, Shows Us Her New Baby

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here we go!

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Earlier this week, on December 11, 2018, Miranda Sings (portrayed by actress Colleen Ballinger) welcomed her first child into this world – a bouncing baby boy. Fans were in shock when the YouTube star posted a picture of herself in a hospital gown holding an iPhone and Starbucks drink. The caption simply stated, “here we go!”

One of the main reasons fans were shocked is that Sings was not due to have her baby until New Years 2019. She had been hinting at a possible early delivery in her most recent videos, though. The actress jokingly tweeted her son “didn’t want to miss Christmas.”

Although Sings has not yet posted any pictures or videos of her new son, she dropped hints about the adorable bundle of joy. When a fan asked about the boy, Sings stated that he was a tiny replica of his father, Erik Stocklin.

The Sings-Stocklin baby announcement

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i love him so much.

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Just 10 hours after showing fans she was in labor, Miranda Sings sent out two very different announcements that the Sings-Stocklin baby had made his way into this world. The first announcement came via Colleen Ballinger’s personal Twitter account. Beside a heart-eyed emoji, Ballinger simply wrote: “He’s perfect.”

From Miranda Sing’s character account, the announcement was much different. Staying in the obnoxious character’s personality, the tweet read : “THE BABY RIPPED MY ENTIRE TOOKIE! FREAKIN BRAT!”

Who is Miranda Sings?

Miranda Sings is a fictional YouTube star created in 2008. Sings is best known for her quirky and egotistical personality, as well as the lack of talent and severe misguidance she portrays. The videos run the gambit of comedic performances. In some, Miranda Sings dances and sings badly or gives terrible tutorials. She also talks about her daily life in an exaggerated fashion, erroneously details current trending events, and goes on long-winded rants about her “haters.”

In addition to YouTube, Miranda Sings is the main character in the Netflix comedy Haters Back Off!which ran from 2016 to 2017. The character is portrayed by 32-year-old actress, Colleen Ballinger.

Who is Colleen Ballinger?

Colleen Mae Ballinger is an actress and comedian best known for her portrayal of Miranda Sings. Born November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, she was raised as one of four children born to Tim and Gwen Ballinger. She showed a love of acting early on, performing in theater and participating in school drama clubs.

Creating Miranda Sings

Although Miranda Sings isn’t one of the highest paid or most viewed YouTube stars this year, she is among the most memorable. Her crazy antics and exaggerated comedic effects have sent her videos viral on a few occasions.

The creation of fictional YouTube character Miranda Sings was a culmination of different things for Ballinger. She took inspiration from other YouTube videos, her friend’s pranks, and different “mean girls” she had known in her real life.

Engaged and expecting – a double announcement

In June this year, Sings announced that her boyfriend, Erik Stocklin, had finally popped the question. She said yes! In the same YouTube video announcement, Sings also announced the couple was expecting their first child. The baby was originally due on New Years’ Day of 2019, and fans were ecstatic over the news.

Not an easy pregnancy

Miranda Sings was vocal about some of the difficulties she experienced during her pregnancy. Although there were no serious complications, Sings experienced the gambit of typical symptoms. In an interview with People, Miranda described her experience as “miserable.” She also said, “I feel like people don’t talk enough about how hard it is. I had no idea. I’ve been very, very sick – just grumpy and moody.”