‘Miss Universe 2019’: Steve Harvey Says the Wrong Country Once Again — But In a Different Way

Steve Harvey has been hosting the Miss Universe pageant since 2015, though he hasn’t gone without controversy. It’s hard to forget his untimely flub back in 2015, when he announced the incorrect winner in what became known as one of the most embarrassing mishaps to ever happen on live television. This year, though, Harvey hosted the competition to mixed reviews. And he once again said the wrong country during the competition.

Steve Harvey speaks with Miss Colombia in 2015
Steve Harvey speaks with Miss Colombia in 2015 | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Harvey has become a prominent face on TV

The entertainer has dabbled in many areas of TV since his career got off the ground back in the 1990s. He started out as a comedian, but through the years, it’s led to many different television opportunities. Harvey had his own talk show at one point, which ran from 2012 to 2017. He’s also become well known as the host of Family Feud, and his comments and reactions to answers from contestants always adds humor to each episode. Harvey hosted Little Big Shots, too, and began hosting the Miss Universe pageant in 2015.

Harvey made jokes at the 2019 pageant that didn’t resonate well with some people

Harvey has been hosting the competition for four years and has definitely made his share of mistakes. The most obvious error (which will go down in history), was his 2015 flub when he accidentally said Miss Colombia had won the competition; moments later, he realized it was actually Miss Philippines and had to take back Colombia’s crown.

This year, Harvey once again joked about the mishap with Miss Colombia — but his joke didn’t go over well with everyone. When Colombia made the top 20, she said to Harvey that her country had forgiven him. He replied, “The cartel hasn’t forgiven me.” The joke received some laughs, but on social media, there was a lot of criticism, with some calling Harvey “disrespectful” and “ignorant,” according to Insider.

Miss South Africa won the 2019 competition.

He once again said the wrong country — but during the costume contest

During the 2019 pageant, Harvey once again flubbed a name. This time, it was during the costume contest. Harvey was introducing the 2019 costume contest winner when he said it was Miss Philippines. It was actually Miss Malaysia, and she promptly corrected him. He immediately turned it into a joke and told the audience that “Philippines” had been written on the teleprompter and that the mishap was not his fault. It’s unclear why it happened, but it seems Harvey can’t get away from making that same type of mistake during the show.

It’s unclear if the mistakes will affect Harvey’s future with the pageant

These days, jokes such as Harvey’s cartel comment aren’t taken lightly. And with this other mishap during the costume competition, it’s unclear whether the mistakes will affect Harvey’s future with the show. Some saw the cartel joke as an ignorant, disrespectful comment about Miss Colombia’s country, and it could end with fans calling for him to be fired. And now that Harvey has two name flubs under his belt, the show might reconsider allowing him to host — but nothing has been confirmed.