Modern Family: What is Ty Burrell’s Net Worth, and What Are His Movies and TV Shows?

There’s no doubt the TV show Modern Family is a juggernaut. The actors are some of the highest paid cast members on TV, and just about every one of them is a bigger star now than when the show started. The same is true for Ty Burrell, even though he had several notable movies and TV shows on his resume before playing Phil Dunphy. Let’s take a look at Ty Burrell’s net worth, his pay for Modern Family, some of the highlights from his acting career, and his family life.

What are Ty Burrell’s movies and TV shows?

His role in The Incredible Hulk helped boost Ty Burrell's net worth.

Ty Burrell in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. | Marvel Studios

As we mentioned a minute ago, Ty Burrell had a few notable roles on his resume before starring in Modern Family. Born in Oregon in 1967, Burrell was well into his 30s when he had a guest role in a 2000 episode of Law & Order.

He landed his first film role opposite David Duchovny and Julianne Moore in the 2001 movie Evolution. Burrell also played a part in Black Hawk Down the same year. He quickly built his credibility and proved his range in movies such as Dawn of the Dead in 2004, Fur with Nicole Kidman in 2006, National Treasure: Book of Secrets in 2007, and the Marvel movie The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

On the small screen, Burrell landed leading roles on the TV shows Out of Practice and Back to You. Both series lasted just one season each, but Back to You led to his part on Modern Family. Show creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd had Burrell in mind when they created the Phil Dunphy role, according to Biography.

How much does he make for Modern Family?

How much do Ty Burrell and the rest of the Modern Family cast make? The short answer is ‘A lot.’

Sarah Hyland and the actors who play the kids earn at least $100,000. Burrell, on-screen wife Julie Bowen, and the other more experienced cast members make at least $500,000 per episode.

Burrell might be making more than half a million per show for Season 10 in 2018-19. He has a $13.5 million contract for the season, according to iHeart Radio Cleveland, which comes out to more than $613,600 for each show.

What is Ty Burrell’s net worth?

Modern Family actors Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen, executive producer Steven Levitan and actors Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet

Ty Burrell (third from left) earns a ton of money for Modern Family. | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Even though Modern Family failed to earn a single Emmy nomination in 2018 and resorted to killing off a character to maintain interest, it’s still going strong a decade after its 2009 debut.

Ty Burrell’s net worth is linked to his acting gigs, and Modern Family is a big part of it. The two-time Emmy winner (2011 and 2015) has an estimated $26 million fortune in 2018, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Ty Burrell married? What’s his family life like?

Ty Burrell has been married longer than he’s been on TV. He and his wife Holly tied the knot in 2000, and they split their time living in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

The couple has two adopted daughters, Frances and Greta. He gets to see his family every day, even when he’s filming, according to Fatherly.

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