‘Modern Family’ Will End After Season 11, but Is There Spinoff Potential?

Modern Family is officially coming to an end. ABC announced that the beloved sitcom would be ending after its upcoming 11th season. The show, currently in its 10th season, tells the tale of three families and their interconnectedness through modern-day circumstances. Throughout ten seasons, fans have watched the characters grow, develop and change. Viewers have been primarily invested in the trials and tribulations of navigating the modern world inside a modern family whose members all have different thoughts, opinions, and needs.

Over the last ten years the show and cast have won 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, and 6 Writers Guild of America Awards, in addition to various other accolades. It has also been incredibly well recieved by critics. Now that Modern Family is ready to come to an end, fans are left wondering if they’ll ever hear from their favorite family members again.

Will there be a Modern Family Spinoff?

There is some potential that viewers will see more from their favorite Modern Family characters. Season 10 opened with some significant changes and more are coming. Death, pregnancy and career changes are just a few.

Viewers have been particularly excited by the development of Sarah Hyland’s character Haley Dunphy. Now, Haley’s story line has gotten even better. She finds out she is pregnant during the 10th season of the show in the episode “Did the Chicken Cross the Road?” leading some viewers to think a potential spinoff that includes Haley’s young family might be a possibility.

Nothing is for sure just yet, because more big changes are coming to the family in the show’s final season, hinted creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan. With significant changes comes the potential for even more spinoff material. Will Haley be the focus of the next chapter of the show’s life? Perhaps Ariel Winter will reprise her role as Alex in a new rendition of the show. There certainly are several directions the writing staff could take a potential spinoff.

Is ABC willing to give Modern Family a new lease on life?

The rumors of a spinoff to the acclaimed show came after ABC president Karey Burke seemed particularly interested in the idea. According to E!, Burke stated “I would love it. No one would be happier if there were one,” when questioned about the possibility of a spinoff.

First, the network and viewers will need to watch how Season 11 plays out. If the writers manage to tell the family’s full story in Season 11 a spinoff could ruin the acclaimed show’s legacy. The characters featured on a spinoff would also need to be ready to reprise their role.

Potential Roadblocks to a Modern Family spinoff

The cast of Modern Family famously hired a legal team during the show’s 4th season after contract negotiations broke down. Several weeks of negotiating finally yielded a contract everyone was happy with. With the success of the show, the actors’ price tags have only gotten bigger, making a Modern Family spinoff almost entirely dependent on budget.

The cast member who becomes the main focus of a spinoff will likely command a higher rate. Any supporting cast member is also likely to enter into wage negotiations. This type of roadblock isn’t uncommon and ABC seems primed to give a spinoff a shot.

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