Tonight’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Will Be Legendary



The popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother will wrap its final season tonight, as Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall will have their last drinks in McLaren’s and say their goodbyes after nine seasons of friendship in New York City. CBS will air the hour-long finale of television’s third most popular comedy at 8 p.m.

The show has followed main character Ted Mosby as he desperately searches for the love of his life, who will become the mother of his children. The show’s events are told in flashbacks from the year 2030 as middle-aged Ted tells his two kids the nine-seasons-long story of how he met their mother. For most of the show, viewers were kept in the dark as to who the mother was, and not knowing became the show’s schtick. But by season 8, amid rumors that the mother was actually dead or that she and the children were fixtures of Ted’s deranged imagination, the mother was finally revealed.

The cast has discussed the emotional experience of filming the final season in a media tour to promote the finale. In an interview with USA Today, Josh Radnor, who plays Ted, said of finishing out nine years of work on the show, “It’s one of the more emotional experiences I’ve had, but a shared kind of communal emotional experience.”

“We’re getting to that point where everything is potentially the last time we do something, which is oddly emotional,” said Jason Segel, who plays Marshall, to USA Today during a break on set during filming of the last season. “You’re at a constant state of 20 percent sentimentality, just tearing up but it’s not going to come down the face yet.”

“I feel grateful that we all managed to get to the finish line. It’s not every show that gets to run nine years and end on its own terms,” said co-creator Carter Bays, who has remained with co-creator Craig Thomas and longtime director Pamela Fryman to plan out the show’s end, per USA Today. “A very practical decision Craig and I made was to have as much crying in the finale as possible, so that there’s very little acting involved.”

Neil Patrick Harris’s take on the rich swaggering bro Barney Stinson has resulted in various catchphrases including “wait for it!” and “legendary” that have entered the pop culture lexicon via the show. Cobie Smulders plays the sexy, smart reporter Robin Scherbatsky, and Alyson Hannigan, who fans will recognize as Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is Marshall’s wife and often the moral center of the gang.

As Ted will meet the love of his life and the commitaphobic Robin and Barney have already married, most of the show’s loose ends are wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean the writers won’t have some surprises, jokes, tears, and slaps in store for the finale.

CBS has posted some borderline spoiler photos from the finale, so if you need to get a taste of what the last episode will hold, take a peek.

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