‘Money Heist’ Reportedly Renewed For More Seasons After Part 4

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is one of those Netflix shows that deserves to have reservations made in advance for your time. After all that action last summer in season three, fans are gearing up for part four of the popular series to make its debut on Netflix in April.

But there’s been a pattern with Money Heist that leaves its final episodes tied up in cliffhangers, signaling the possibility of another chapter.

It looks like the same thing will happen by the time the audience rides through season four, as it’s rumored the series is getting additional seasons. Oh, the places the show can go!

'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist'
‘La Casa de Papel,’ also known as ‘Money Heist’ | Tamara Arranz/Netflix

‘Money Heist’ received an early renewal for part four

The series has been described as addictive and rightfully so, because after each final episode, you’re left wanting more. Part three of La Casa de Papel artfully and strategically lined things up for its next installment, and Netflix knew heading in that part four was guaranteed.

It was greenlit early and went into production right away, and fans were given the hint that part four will be pure chaos. How will the team behind Money Heist build off that?

One can only hope that the upcoming war of wits, will, and firepower will lead to a new beginning or ending for the Professor, Tokyo, and the rest of the team.

Word is ‘Money Heist’ will get at least two more seasons

Now, let’s get to the latest rumors. According to the Spanish outlet Bluper/El Español, seasons five and six are a go with Netflix and Vancouver Media. The latter is run by Money Heist creator Alex Pina, and Bluper reports that a formal announcement should be forthcoming close to the premiere date for part four.

It is believed that the news will drop in a fashion similar to that of Elité with multiple season renewals occurring at the same time. If that’s the case, then fans should be prepared for more twists, precarious situations, and crazy character storylines. Who’s going to make it that far?

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Some tiny details about ‘Money Heist 4’ are out

Bluper also shared insights from La Casa de Papel producer Jesús Colmenar, and the newest season will feature some scenes that take place underwater. He also described it as having the same vibes as Breaking Bad in terms of intensity and cinematography.

With Raquel out of the picture and Nairobi down, the Professor is operating on fury and fans suspect they’ll see a side of him that hasn’t been revealed before. That’s a given.

According to What’s on Netflix, the showrunners will spend more time focusing on the characters this upcoming season, and change up the pace:

“In this fourth season what we propose is to stop a little, lower the piston to be able to dramatically savor some characters and then return to hit a burst in a part of the middle of the season.”

There will also be an accompanying documentary for Money Heist that should hit the platform around the same time as season four. New episodes arrive on April 3, 2020.