‘Money Heist’ Season 3: Why Tokyo is the Worst

On July 19, Netflix dropped part three of Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, and the popular show doesn’t disappoint in terms of action and twists. Unlike the slow burn that we saw in the beginning of the series, this season jumped right into it and kept up the momentum. It’s really good.

Need a refresher? Check out this recap at Decider. Otherwise, if you gobbled up all three seasons of Money Heist, then you’ve gotten the chance to learn about these characters and depending on who they are, invested in their fates. Season two ended with surviving members of the robbing crew riding off with fat pockets while the Spanish authorities were left scratching their heads. Somehow, Tokyo lived.

But the losses hurt. In particular, Oslo and Moscow’s deaths were sad for those they left behind. Throughout the series so far, mistakes and hiccups put everybody at risk, but there is one person who deserves a metaphorical smack for her mucking up ways, and that’s Tokyo. If you’ve been paying attention, then you can back this up. Don’t read if you haven’t watched all eight episodes in part three because there are spoilers ahead, folks.

Mask from 'Money Heist'
Mask from ‘Money Heist/La Casa de Papel’ | GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP/Getty Images

Let’s back up to previous seasons

It’s true that most of the characters in Money Heist can be summarized by their traits, decisions, and behavioral patterns. While we need some more time to figure out Bogotá (the welder) and Marseille (the animal lover), the patterns with Tokyo emerged throughout parts one and two.

As mentioned in Forbes, she is one of the show’s most powerful female characters. We get that she’s a free spirit and acts as if she has nothing to lose, but her lust for unpredictability and desire for control are dangerous. That mutiny she started in part two led to Berlin casting her out to the police, but never forget that she’s the reason Moscow was shot and fatally wounded. Since fans love to root for the robbers in this show, some are starting to believe that Tokyo will be their downfall.

She’s the entire reason for season three’s heist

The Professor admitted that this heist required at least four months of planning, which made sense since it was actually his brother Berlin’s idea. He needed to refine it. And Rio, the tech expert, has to own his part for the not-so-smart decision to call Tokyo from that phone knowing they were international fugitives.

But Tokyo’s boredom kicked off this whole thing and her insistence that the Professor step in to save Rio put a stop to everyone living their best lives in hiding. While the intentions were noble, the Professor had to call everybody back together for a rushed rescue mission/heist.

Now, I’m no criminal mastermind, but common sense says to lay low when there are multiple law enforcement agencies looking for you. Yeah girl, it took 11 days for you to reach Professor but why get angry with him for your and Rio’s mistake that got him caught and put everyone’s safety in jeopardy? That slap from Raquel may have caught Tokyo and viewers off guard, but some of us saw it coming.

Tokyo is plain bratty

She’s bratty, selfish, careless, impulsive, and prone to tantrums. Oh, and she has a habit of posturing when it’s unnecessary. Those qualities have constantly put her and the others in harm’s way, as evidenced by the motorcycle ride that got Moscow shot and the foray into the governor’s bathroom in season three.

Why did she decide to start a fight in his office when they were outgunned? When that got botched and landed her and Nairobi in a life-death position, the others had to roll in at the last minute to save them, filling Palermo’s eyes with glass in the process. Thanks, Tokyo.

Now, Tokyo doesn’t have a monopoly on bad decisions in the show, but her emotional baggage—a term used liberally this season—is causing chaos. The tears and loss of control she exhibited when Rio broke up with her made no sense when she’s the one who left him in the first 20 minutes of season three’s first episode. Boom boom ciao, Tokyo.

Every show has characters who fall somewhere on the love-hate scale, but Tokyo is earning her place in the indifferent/despised section of it. Since the gang ended this season in a full-blown war, it will be interesting to see who makes it out alive. Here’s to hoping Tokyo grows up and redeems herself in season four and doesn’t set the entire La Casa de Papel up in flames